4 Bedroom Essentials To Buy in an Online Furniture Shop in Singapore 

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries. No wonder it is the most personalised part of our houses. If you are one of those home design-savvy individuals who pay so much attention to bedroom design, this guide is for you. Here, we will share the top bedroom furniture pieces you can conveniently shop from an online furniture shop in Singapore for your next remodelling. Most bedrooms have specific and common furniture pieces. A typical bedroom has a bed frame, a mattress, a wardrobe cabinet, one or two side tables, a dressing table and other decorative items. Which of these furniture pieces should you buy online? Here are our picks:

1. Bed Frame

A bed frame in Singapore tends to be bulky and heavy, especially if it is a storage bed. Whether it be wood or metal, the bed frame can be difficult to transport to your home. Thus, it is good to buy the bed frame online instead. When you buy furniture online in Singapore, you will not need to worry about delivery and installation. If you buy your bed frame online, your only worry will be whether the size matches your available space and if you will be around when the delivery is due.

2. Mattress

Similar to the bed frame, you would want to order your mattress online. It is not that carrying a mattress is hard. It is lighter than the bed frame, after all. However, you would want to maximise the lower price online furniture shop offers for its mattresses. Buying your mattress from a mattress sale in Singapore can reduce the cost by up to 50%.

3. Wardrobe

Wardrobe cabinets are not just bulky; they are also difficult to assemble. For this reason, you may want to consider buying one from an online furniture shop that will deliver and install the furniture for you. Wardrobe cabinets also tend to be easier to assess online compared to other furniture pieces. The number of drawers, doors, clotheslines and shelves is already indicated in the listing and you can see the actual look through the product photos.

4. Beddings

Beddings consist of comforters, pillows, pillowcases, bedsheets and more. While these items can be bought in home depots, buying them from an online furniture shop can help you save money, especially if you opt for packages. Looking forward to your child’s first solo bedroom? Or are you planning to update your bed into a storage bed in Singapore? If you are interested in ordering your bedroom furniture online, we have the best place for you. Visit Megafurniture today!