Peculiarities of vacation in Athens

Athens is a city that acts as the capital of the country and, according to the Athens guide, functions as a beach resort and a city of historical sights. In Athens, you can sunbathe both on city beaches, and pick up something more secluded in a suburban area.

Vacation options

Athens is a good place for a fun-filled youth holiday, with visits to nightclubs and discos, the best restaurants in Halkidiki Greek taverns, and numerous attractions. The city is not suitable for quiet relaxation – you need to look for more secluded resorts. As an option, Athens can be chosen in order to combine the beach with mineral water treatment – there is a thermal resort of Loutraki nearby.

If you want to find the easiest way to travel between the sunny shores of Greece and Turkey, take the ferry. This type of sea transport is the easiest way to get from almost any Greek island. In early October it is not as hot here as in summer, but there are quite a lot of tourists and vacationers – after all, the capital!

What to see and where to visit?

Of course, the ancient Acropolis in Athens deserves attention, but not everyone can withstand this acquaintance: the ancient temple is located high on a mountain, and it is rather difficult to climb there, especially in the summer heat. In addition, the temple is very popular Рcrowds of tourists await you on the approach to the Acropolis. 

Another highlight is the old town of Plaka, which you can visit with a guide. From Athens it is worth going on an excursion: to Delphi, Mycenae, and Meteora – to look at the ancient monasteries under the clouds; to the islands of Poros and Aegina; or for fur coats – shopping tours to Kastoria are very popular.