4 Tips In Finding A Cheaper & Safer Car Rental in Singapore 


Whether you plan to go on a vacation trip or a business trip, we often need a private vehicle to rent to accommodate our transport needs. Nevertheless, we still often struggle with opting for a short rental or long term car leasing in Singapore.

Going out travelling has been a growing trend since the COVID-19 pandemic since most road trips are making an enormous comeback. Still, the demand for car leasing and rental is growing, which means there is a reduction in the supply of available vehicles clients can rent are becoming lower. Many resort to biting whatever is left, despite the high rates. Despite this, clients still desire to save and acquire affordable car rental services. Here’s how to have a safe and cheaper car rental:

Take Time Shopping Around

If you want to find a decent car rental in Singapore, shopping around lets you discover more options and better deals to size more. Whether you’re planning for business or family travel needs, you can find plenty of bargains online or by visiting a local car rental agency. When you are shopping around, don’t forget to compare different rates and available lists of vehicles for you to rent. Some may offer more discounts and other promos with coupons, which can help you save more.

Consider Renting Longer

Sometimes, other car rental agencies will provide more coupons and discounts for clients who are opting for long-term car rental options. Not to mention, you’ll likely get more savings when you go for longer rent (unless you necessarily need to rent a car for the short-term). Nevertheless, you can inquire with your local vehicle rental company for plans and current rates for short and long-term rentals to take advantage of deals.

Skip The Airport

There’s a good reason why skipping the airport is often common advice if you want to save money from renting a vehicle. While it may sound like something convenient for clients and first-timers, the convenience comes with a premium price. There are also additional or miscellaneous fees. If you are looking for a way to save more in the long run as a first-timer, you might want to ditch renting a vehicle at an airport desk (unless you are willing to pay more).

Go For Economic Cars

Another way to get cheaper deals is to ditch finding a premium car rental in Singapore and instead go for more economic-friendly cars. Going for the most affordable cars that the rental company can offer gets you a lot more to save. Just make sure that the vehicle can meet your needs and is not too small, especially if you have a party with you.

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