List of Unique Wakatobi Foods that are Delicious and You Must Taste


Wakatobi Sulawesi does have many fantastic and exotic tourist destinations. One of its mainstay tourism is the amazing marine tourism. So it is not surprising that Wakatobi is one of the areas that must visit. Besides having exotic natural attractions, Wakatobi is rich in unique and varied culinary delights at affordable prices. The typical Wakatobi food below you should not miss while on vacation in this city.

  1. Kasoami

Kasoami is a staple food for the local community. So most people will prefer to consume Kasoami than rice like other regions in Indonesia. Until now the manufacturing process is still done traditionally. The raw material used comes from grated or ground cassava. Then the grated cassava is squeezed to dry and leave the dregs. The dregs are dried in the sun for several hours after that Kasoami is ready to be printed using woven old coconut leaves in the shape of a cone. They are then cooked by steaming to add more taste and give off a distinctive aroma. After the steaming is complete, Kasoami is ready to be enjoyed and is usually served with parende fish or gril and long with Wakatobi’s signature colo-colo sauce.

  1. Luluta

Luluta or bamboo rice is a typical food of the Wanci area, one of the areas in Wakatobi. Because Luluta’s shelf life is long enough, many people make this special food as a souvenir to take home. You have to taste the savory and delicious taste when you are on vacation to Wakatobi and take it home. Luluta is usually made from white or brown rice and then cooked with coconut milk in bamboo. Then burnt until cooked. Behind the unique process, it is not surprising that the taste is very delicious.

  1. Tombole

Tombole is made from cassava mixed with brown sugar or granulated sugar and grated coconut. The combination of these simple ingredients produces a taste that is so savory and delicious. For the processing of Tombole, it is no less unique by burning it on hot stones. This process is often called “Hebatu.” In addition, the time of manufacture was carried out at a certain time. For those of you who are curious about the taste and the process of making it, then visit Wakatobi.

  1. Parende Fish

Parende fish, one of the popular types of processed fish and a favorite of many residents in Wakatobi. Although Wakatobi has various types of processed seafood that are so abundant, processing parende fish remains a favorite. This menu is delicious and fresh because it is processed immediately after being caught from the sea. People usually process this fish by cooking the soup so it is called parende fish. The spices used are simple: redonion, wet turmeric, lemongrass leaves, tomatoes, chilies, and salt to taste. This menu is the most suitable companion for Kasoami.

  1. Kukure

Kukure is a typical food made from sea urchins that are found in coastal waters in Southeast Sulawesi, especially Wakatobi. In addition, this food has good nutritional content for the body, although to make it requires special skills. This cannot be done arbitrarily because the thorns on these sea urchins can make us hurt if exposed. The way to process this food is to collect all the contents or meat on the sea urchins in the previously cleaned sea urchin shells. After the entire shell is filled with raw meat from sea urchins, then steamed or grilled over low heat. After that, this unique and delicious menu is ready to be served.

  1. Kasoami Pepe

The last unique menu is kasoami pepe, one of the typical foods and a mainstay for the Wanci people. What makes pepe cassava different from ordinary Kasoami is the material and the way it is made. For the process of making kasoami pepe is usually added with oil and fried onions. After that, beat it so that the texture becomes soft. Kasoami pepe can be eaten directly without the addition of other companions. In addition, these foods can last for a long time. So, for those visiting Wakatobi, especially Wanci, don’t forget to bring Kasoami Pepe souvenirs.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Wakatobi by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.