List of Beautiful and Stunning Marine Tourist Points in Bunaken


Bunaken National Park is a stunning marine park area in North Sulawesi. This national park is very famous for its underwater natural beauty, so that many tourists come with the concept of Marine Tourism. The advantage of Bunaken tourism is that there are many colorful marine life and coral reefs. Here are some popular points in Bunaken Marine Tourism.

  1. Muka Gereja

The first exciting dive point to explore while in Bunaken is the Muka Gereja (Church Front). This dive point is suitable for snorkeling because the underwater beauty of this place is charming. You will see various types of shallow water fish that live there. You can even walk along the sidelines of the reef to see the sea wall. The sea wall of this coral has vertical cracks and also small caves. At the same time, the fish that are there are typical fish such as anemones. If you are lucky, you can also meet white tip reef sharks that roam the underwater caves.

  1. Bunaken Timur

The next famous diving point in Bunaken is Bunaken Timor where this point is very suitable for diving enthusiasts who are full of challenges. Because the current there is quite strong, you have to be careful and try to have a companion. The beauty of the underwater park in Bunaken Timor is unquestionable because you will find beautiful coral reefs and marine life there. Types of fish that are there there are types of large and small fish. In addition, there are also sea turtles that can be found there. Even in it, there is also a wonderful underwater cave. There is also seaweed with ofous types.

  1. Mandolin

The next interesting place in Bunaken Marine Tourism is the Mandolin dive point. This point is very interesting because it has walls and peaks of naturally formed rocks. These coral walls and peaks are habitats for fish and another marine biota. One type of fish that can find in Mandolin is a group of surgeonfish, bannerfish, or unicornfish. These fish are tame fish and easy to approach humans. There is also an underwater cave which is a favorite of some biota. However, this point is quite safe for visitors to Bunaken National Park.

  1. Siladen

Siladen has many small islands as well as dive points that are sought after by tourists. Bunaken Marine Tourism also has Siladen as one of the interesting places to be explored. This place is suitable for snorkeling because it has beautiful and smooth coral walls. The current that is there will also make this place more alive. The depth of the sea is quite shallow so that visitors can explore it more safely.

The types of fish that can be found there are quite a lot and varied. For example, moorish idol, butterflyfish, and so on. the sea water is very clear will also make the natural scenery in the area freely immortalized with a camera. You should try snorkeling there.

  1. Puncak Barakuda

The next dive point in Bunaken Marine Tourism which is also interesting, is the Barracuda Point (Barracuda Point). This point is a tourist spot that is quite famous and has a strong current because it is formed from its position in the alternation between sandy areas and coral reefs. This place is the dive point that is farthest from the other dive points. The exact position is in the northwest part of Bunaken. The interesting thing from this point is the existence of a group of barracudas that are quite large. That’s why this place is called Barracuda Point. You can also see tuna and jack fish. In addition there are also colorful soft corals.

  1. Tembok Lekuan

One of our last recommended and favorite dive points in Bunaken Marine Tourism is the Lekuan Wall. This indentation wall is a wall with a fairly long size. This place is divided into three parts, named Tembok Lekuan I, II, and III. All three are at one of the best points of several other dive points in Bunaken National Park. The walls are steep and have deep cracks. Fascinating marine life from this place is the presence of sea fans and giant sponges, which may be difficult to find at other dive points. As for the types of fish that are easily found, there are big parrot fish and types of sea turtles.

Vacation is more than just the food or accommodation, it’s about making long-lasting memories with a lot of activities. Discover more adventures in Bunaken by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.