Ace Your Job Interview Session With An Amazing Self-Introduction

During an interview, the interviewer’s primary goal is to learn about the candidate briefly before moving on to more specific questions about the job application and the role in question. Here are the key points you must focus on in self introduction for job interview (การ แนะ นํา ตัว ภาษา อังกฤษ สัมภาษณ์ งาน, which is the term in Thai)  

Dress Right

When meeting someone, first impression is crucial. Your interview outfit reflects your brand to the people you’ll be meeting. Before your job interview, you should research the company culture because different offices have different dress codes. An interview for a financial consultant will likely be more formal than one for a tech start-up.

Prepare What You’ll Say.

Following your visuals, plan out the first few seconds of your introduction. Begin your conversation with the person at hand with the same confidence level you used to introduce yourself. To build a strong foundation, boldly proclaim your identity.

Greet The Interviewer To Get Things Started

A candidate’s ability to establish a positive first impression during the self-introduction for job interview is critical. First and foremost, extend a warm handshake to the interviewer and a broad smile. The interviewer can get a sense of your level of self-assurance during the first few minutes of greeting each other. 

Your Education Is Essential To Your Introduction.

Brief the interviewer on your educational background after introducing yourself with your name and other personal details. When asked about your education, even if you have already mentioned it on your resume, you must give complete and accurate information.

Expand On Your Work History 

Candidates with previous work experience should include all of the details of their previous roles and achievements in their introduction. Tell the interviewer about your internships and workshops.

Refer To Your Interests And Hobbies In Your Cover Letter.

Don’t be afraid to have a more casual conversation. Do mention your professional and personal interests and hobbies, following your experiences. Maintain the interview’s essence by not veering too far into informality.

Be Ready For Follow-Up Questions.

In the self-introduction for job interview, be prepared to answer follow-up questions after introducing yourself. These questions are used by hiring managers to see if you are sincere and trustworthy. You can tell if you were being truthful or not by asking a series of questions based on what you said in the introduction.