A Complete Parrot Care Guide For Every Beginner

If you never had a pet in your family, adding one this time is surely fun and exciting, especially for the kids. But you have to remember that bringing an animal home and making them your pet is going to be a huge responsibility. In fact, even small creatures like parrots, require a lot of knowledge and endless learning experience for new pet owners. If you are getting one soon, then this guide is for you.

Get to Know The Parrots

There are different types of parrots out there. Most parrot species are considered old when they are 12 years old, while others are when they are 30. However,  some cockatoos can live even longer than that. In fact, there are some parrots that can live into their 80s. And when it comes to their sizes, macaws can be up to 1m tall, while cockatiels are only 12cm tall. It is very important that you get to know the parrot that you want to take home before you do.

Prepare the Home

Never bring the parrot home yet if their home is not ready. Parrots need to be caged and they should have enough wings for them to flutter around. You can talk to your veterinarian or pet store expert to find out which is the best cage size for your parrot. Make sure that you cushion the floor using newspaper or some paper towels. You can also have branches for them to hop on, but ensure that it’s strong and sturdy enough to carry their weight.

Also, the cage should not be placed near the part of the home where it gets too much sunlight or is close to the kitchen. Remember that parrots are very sensitive when it comes to light, temperature, and smells. But of course, they want to be secured in the dark for their good night’s rest.

Learn How To Feed the Parrot

Feeding is crucial for parrots. Yes, they can eat almost all nuts, seeds, legumes, and fruits, but you have to learn just how much you should give them on a daily basis. If you are not sure, consult about this with your veterinarian. It is important that they get enough food and liquid nutrition to ensure that they are healthy all the time.

These are just some of the many things that you can learn about parrots before you bring them home. If you want to know more, then visit https://talkieparrot.com/. Here, you can find different kinds of articles that are perfect for first-time parrot owners. It is very important that you broaden your knowledge about your pet for them to live a long and happy life while under your wings.