Visiting EV Charging Points: The 4 Rules And Regulations

In Singapore, driving an electric car to a charging point is a usual task for people who own these vehicles and want to power them. They look for the most convenient spot, spend time there, and do what they want for their cars. 

However, some people fail to realise the importance of following rules & regulations that keep their surroundings peaceful and calm. Let us explore them in this article, and follow them on your next charging session. 


We are not asking you to go out of your comfort zone and make friends when you are not in the mood. Instead, the key is to be friendly and respectful to people in your surroundings. First, greet everyone with a smile, and there is no need to start a small talk session. Why? It helps calm the atmosphere. Second, stay where you need to be and avoid rowdy behaviour. 


Follow the lines and park your car where it should be, and that is the rule for most EV charger stations and ports because it lets everyone build habits and follow routines when powering their vehicles. Also, take note of signs and other indications because a parking space might not be for everyone, such as the ones exclusive to disabled customers. 


Queuing goes a long way because it contributes to the overall atmosphere of the surroundings. First, make sure you are not skipping the line or cutting people off. Why? Fights will happen, and you would not want to have a conflict with a stranger. Second, this rule seeks to maintain the organisation in EV charging points because there is no time and place for unruly behaviour. 


Never touch anyone else’s cables or remove them because you feel like they are taking too long. The last and most important rule is to mind your own business. Electric car chargers are for everyone, and your job is to focus on your car and use everything without damaging them. In short, you only meddle with someone if they ask for help or there is an emergency that requires assistance from bystanders. 

That is how you go to EV charging points without causing conflict and accidents. If you need to power your vehicle, visit SP Mobility, and go to one of their stations.