All That You Should Know When Buying PU Foam

What do you understand by memory foam mattress? It would be the first query we must address. It is a cutting-edge, engineered type of PU Foam (พี ยู โฟม, which is the term in Thai) with viscoelasticity. Genuine visco-elastic memory foam mattresses are constructed from countless numbers of sphere-shaped, open cells. These cells are responsive to both pressure points and body temperature due to their unique architecture. As a result, a visco-elastic mattress may adapt to the curve of your body, providing the greatest support where it would be most required.

A memory mattress varies from traditional mattress foams in addition to the support it provides because the open cell structure allows air to circulate easily through the material, keeping the person using the mattress and the mattress relatively cool and reducing excessive perspiration.

Because they support patients’ bodies more effectively and prevent pressure points from developing—which frequently happen when patients have spent a lot of time in bed—memory mattresses manufactured using visco-elastic material would be used by health authorities, institutes, and hospitals for a very long time now.

The consumer market using visco-elastic foam mattresses has grown recently as consumers have become more aware of the advantages these mattresses have over traditional spring-based designs. The number of various foam mattresses has expanded along with the rise in customer demand for this kind of mattress. The issue is that there is a broad range in quality, which implies that consumers must take into account a number of important variables before they can decide which mattress is ideal for them.

What To Check For When Buying A Foam Mattress

There are a few crucial considerations and variables that you need to keep in mind when searching to buy a high-quality foam mattress. The ILD Rating, Firmness Rating, and Density are the three most crucial metrics and ratings that you should pay attention to while learning the specifications of memory mattresses. Your experience with a mattress and how effectively it will really execute its function will be determined by these three main elements.

Feeling The Firmness Of Memory Foam In Practice

In most situations, the manufacturer’s rating is the greatest indicator you have to feel the firmness of the memory foam. Most people use words like “soft,” “medium,” and “firm.”

We should not exclusively depend on the firmness rating provided by the manufacturer because everyone has different comfort preferences. Instead, we should consider the ILD to determine the hard or soft feel of the mattress.