Visit Abruzzo: Italy’s Best-Stored Secret

If you are a repeat customer to Italia and thus are searching for something less touristy and even more ‘off-the-beaten-track for the approaching trip, Abruzzo could just be the slice of authentic and traditional Italian existence you’re searching for.

Abruzzo boasts dramatically altering landscapes-from ancient hillsides and wild forests to pristine beaches-along with a wealthy cultural tradition which has lingered although areas have provided method of modernity. For instance, the ladies within the hillside capital of scotland- Scanno (who’re considered by lots of as the prettiest in Italia) still favour traditional garb over modern clothes. That is not proclaiming that Abruzzo is backward and desolate though-really it is contrary! There are numerous luxury Italian vacation accommodation out of your beachside villas is the base for the search for this fascinating province, or else you will mind for that hillsides to have natural wonders within the three nature, which with each other cover 3,350 square kilometres of backwoods. If tranquility is exactly what you seek, some smaller sized sized sized towns even offer religious retreats.

Abruzzo: Visit Italy's Last, Great Wilderness - Italy for Travelers

Below, we list three in the largest attractions in Abruzzo.

Parco Nazionale della Majella

Within the three nature in Abruzzo, Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise, may be the earliest and extremely the finest in Italia. However, exceeding 2 million visitors every year, it will not exactly fit the ‘less-touristy’ bill. Much smaller sized sized sized determined in the greater altitude (over half the park is completed 2,000 in elevation), Majella offers less crowds along with over 500 kilometres of hiking and cycling trails, giving visitors the chance to put Marsican brown bears, chamois, Apennine baby baby baby wolves, and, rarely, lynx.

What to see in Abruzzo, Italy: a list of the 12 best places

For the greatest think about the stunning surrounding woodlands, you can hike up Monte Amaro, which at 2,793 metres may be the second-finest peak within the Apennines. There are lots of Italian vacation accommodation over the Majella area, while using the bonus that you are in only minutes within the beaches when you’re ready for a little more sun.


If you love the nostalgia and question of hillside villages, Scanno won’ doubt go ahead and take breath away. The sturdy stone houses are actually excellent Italian vacation accommodation, additionally to higher picture taking fodder-as evidenced using the many photographers who’ve immortalised the scenes in gossip posts and travel books. The traditionalism within the town surpasses the architecture that is echoed within the locals’ method of dress and existence. Women here still put on traditional garb-black, wide-sleeved, woollen dresses additionally for their hair in plaits tucked behind a fez.