The Secret To A Healthy Hair: The Ultimate Guide To Growing Your Hair Faster

While using hair products in Singapore can be a surefire way to take good care of your crowning glory, there are other ways you can do and practice to help keep them in their healthiest condition. Whether you got tired of having short hair, suffering from falling hair strands, have a scalp full of nose hair or hair tangles that don’t seem to grow out, had a bad breakup, or feel like switching up a new hairdo, you should know that there is no secret to speeding up the hair growth process. The short and sweet answer is to have healthy hair so it can grow half an inch every month.

Besides investing in a hair growth serum in Singapore, here are other ways to add length to your tresses again.


It should be a no-brainer that healthier, longer locks start from your scalp. Invest in hair products in Singapore that can help exfoliate your scalp and keep it free from dirt. Consider using a detoxifying shampoo and massage it on your scalp for at least five minutes. You may also nourish it with a good or the best hair growth serum.


Avoid tying your hair tightly, as this can pressure your locks. If the weather is too humid and you need to put it in a high pony, let it down at least every two hours.


A silk pillowcase is one of the hair products in Singapore you should also purchase. These sheets are not only luxe, as your crowning glory can benefit from them. The smooth fabric can reduce friction against your hair and your face, reducing the risks of hair breakage in the morning and saying no to zits and wrinkles.


Over-styling your hair with heat can damage your strands and destroy its cuticles, resulting in split ends. If you must use heat-styling tools, apply some hair care products in Singapore, such as a heat protectant, hair nourishing serum, and a leave-in conditioner.


If you have a hair oil or hair growth serum in Singapore, use it to give your scalp a four-minute massage on a daily basis. Doing so can do wonders for your hair growth, scalp condition, and strand thickness in 24 weeks.


Besides hair products in Singapore, your diet can also affect your hair growth. Be sure to add vitamins and nutrients, such as biotin, vitamin B, iron, protein, and zinc, as these can promote healthy hair follicles and growth.

Growing out hair can be challenging, awkward, and a hassle. It feels like your hair is growing at such a glacial pace and making you quite impatient. If you want to grow out that pixie hairdo, lob, or damaged hair, take note of these tips and be sure to invest in hair care products in Singapore.

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