4 Tips For Choosing A Suitable Hyper Converged Infrastructure Solution 

Many software-defined HCI solution grants better flexibility via virtualising compute of an IT infrastructure. As many of today’s IT departments continue to adapt and implement hyper converged infrastructure for superior system designing that promotes better efficiency and usability range.

While plenty of today’s professionals within the department (with high expertise, knowledge and capabilities) can utilise modern HCI system designs, we must always go back to the basics. Choosing an HCI solution remains a primary onset process for prospective users who want to discover and know HCI solutions in and out. Much like what today’s workplace would choose for ICT solutions, such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics 365, choosing an HCI solution should be a primary focus. Without further ado, here are tips you can follow:

Look for fast backup and restore

Many IT departments utilise HCI solutions for quick backup and restore functionality, which is vital in disaster scenarios. Data is an unparalleled asset in every operation, and frequent backup reduces the recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO). It helps minimise the risk without compromising resiliency and scalability.

Better technical support

Just like in outsourcing for ICT solutions, such as business application development, your HCI solution should also have better technical support. Ongoing support will play a critical role in providing overall solutions for the infrastructure. Since HCI varies, it’s vital to understand the available support options and upfront processes. Your HCI vendor should provide you with satisfying support for hardware and software usage.

Cloud extension options

If you are planning to obtain an HCI solution, looking for cloud extension options is a must. Taking advantage of integrated networks, storage, and cloud computing is possible when you opt for more cloud options for your HCI solution. An ideal HCI platform should provide a swift application response with reliable backup and restore features. Nonetheless, it should also reduce the data centre footprint via cloud extension options.

Check for simplicity

Simplicity is the king even when owners are outsourcing for a hyper converged infrastructure for better management solutions. While it does provide a seamless answer for high efficiency and manageability, such a solution should not be too complex for typical business hours with less downtime. Manageability is the emerging key factor when choosing an HCI solution. Yet simplicity in accessing features and protection for VM should amplify IT operations further.

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