Play fantasy sports without making teams now. Download Fan2 Play with us

These are games that involve creating a virtual team using real sports players. These games are common in online gaming apps like fan2play and Getmega. When you make a great team, you will earn points. If they play well, you will earn higher points.

Your team will be required to play against other teams to earn points. Selling and trading players are ways you can use them in the games. Fan2play has made it easier for you to play games because you can play without making teams. You can download fan2play app on your play store or apple store to enjoy the service.

How to play Fan2play fantasy sports

Fan2play is a fantasy gaming platform that gives fantasy players a great way to experience fantasy sports differently. It allows the user to select players depending on their skills and experience. The unique thing about fan2paly is that you do not create a whole team. Instead, you can choose 2, 3, or 4 best players.

The following are fantasy sports that you can play on the fan2play app

Fantasy cricket

Cricket was the first game that fan2play specialized in before adding in football. There are two ways to play fantasy cricket on fan2play apps.

1-1 challenge

This game is also called the head-to-head challenge. The challenge does not require building a whole 11 team players, but you can do it by selecting 2, 3, or 4 players to represent you in the game. 

Their type or credits do not limit the selection of players. Instead, you are supposed to select the player you feel will play well in the challenge and join the competition. Ensure your team has a captain to earn extra points. If you win, you can earn money.

Classic 11-player. 

You should pick 11 players you feel are adequate to earn a point in the challenge in this game. The challenge usually has three main fields: bowling, batting, and fielding. Your players should be well-positioned in these areas to ensure a strong defence and performance. Among the 11 players, you need to select the captain and assistant captain to 2x and 1.5x points, respectively. Once your players are well-positioned, you can start challenging others.

Fantasy Football 

Fantasy football has not been in the fan2play app, but it was included due to users’ requests. Initially, it was based on cricket only.

The fan2paly football is different from other fantasy football because it does not allow to pick the standard 11 players like other games. The captain and vice-captains are not necessary. Fan2play app has changed fantasy football. It only provides picking 2, 3, or 4 players. All need id to ensure you have defenders, midfielders, and strikers.  

The fan2play point system ensures that users enjoy the game and have a great experience. You can download fan2play app and enjoy playing fantasy football without creating a team.

Benefits of playing fantasy sports on the fan2play app.

Apart from excluding team formation, fan2play has other potential benefits that users enjoy.

It is flexible: the app allows you to pick as few as two players to participate in the game. It is not fixed on the exact number of players.

Free entry bonus: once you sign up for fan2paly, you gain a 100% free entry bonus. This bonus will allow you to join the contest.

High chances of winning: winning in fan2play is easy. The winning chances are estimated to be 50%, which is higher than other platforms.


Playing fantasy sports on fan2play is enjoyable because you do not have to select a whole team to participate in the competition. You can choose 2/3/4 players and qualify to join a match. Download fan2play app and experience a different taste of fantasy sports. You can also enjoy fantasy sports in the Getmega app.