How To Prepare Your Foreign Employees For Work Permit Medical Check Up?

Singapore is one of the developed countries in Asia that many people are dying to get a job for, let alone migrate for good. Before any foreign employee can officially work, however, they will need to undergo a work permit medical checkup within 14 days after they arrive. 

A work permit medical checkup is like a general health screening for men or women that help assess a person’s health condition. Completing a work permit medical checkup is necessary. Otherwise,  your foreign employee would not get their work permit.  

1. Get Enough Sleep

Whether they come from the other side of the world or neighbouring countries, inform your foreign employees to get enough rest and sleep. While jet lags typically happen when exposed to time zone differences, some people may feel like they have it because of their first flight experience.

2. Drink Plenty Of Water

Besides getting enough rest and sleep, your foreign employees should keep themselves hydrated. They should take note that Singapore is a tropical country, and it is hot all year round. 

Inform your foreign workers that drinking water can make it easier for nurses or doctors to take a blood sample. In addition, it is the production of urine samples for urinalysis, which is often included in a male or female health screening package in Singapore.

3. Avoid Salty And Fatty Food

Another thing to remind your foreign employees is to avoid eating salty and fatty food. No matter how excited they are to try the scrumptious Singapore dishes, they should wait until they receive the result of their men or women health screening. 

Otherwise, the saltiness and fattiness can increase their cholesterol and blood pressure level. If they were deemed medically unfit to work, they would not get their work permit and be allowed to work in Singapore. 

4. Go Fasting

A general health screening for men or women typically has blood tests and x-ray scans. In such cases, your foreign employees should fast for twelve hours. To help them out, set their work permit medical check up in the morning so they can skip dinner the day before and breakfast on the same day.
Contact Sunway Medical Centre at +65 6911 0699 (General Line)/+65 8204 3395 (WhatsApp) or leave a message on their website if you want to learn more about a Singapore pre employment medical check up. You may also engage with them if your hired foreign employees will be arriving soon.