5 Reasons Why Apple Products In Singapore Are Expensive

Perhaps, what puzzles non-iPhone or MacBook users is the public’s patronage of Apple products in Singapore despite their staggeringly high prices. Some claim it is because of the quality of the product, while others think it is because of the brand’s social status indication.

But here are the reasons why Apple products in Singapore are expensive:

1. Software

Unlike other smartphones and laptops that use third-party software, Apple products use software unique to Apple alone. For example, other smartphones and laptops use either Google or Microsoft Windows software, whereas Apple’s iPhone uses the iOS and macOS for MacBook. Compared to its competition, Apple upgrades their software yearly for free to provide its users a better experience.

2. Quality 

Apple products released in the market are made to perfection. An iPad in Singapore only uses top-tier and reliable materials, components, and finishing. Besides the hardware, Apple’s operating system is simply superior. It is bug- and virus-free. Despite the age, your old MacBook still works seamlessly; no frozen pages or unresponsive laptops. Apple products, such as iPad Air in Singapore, can last up to five to ten years!

3. Innovation

The good thing about Apple products in Singapore is they are always looking at the future. They continue to innovate their products and build them from scratch to meet future demands and needs. They are the pioneers of new smartphone and laptop features. There is no wonder why smaller brands copy them.

4. Privacy

The advantage of having a MacBook subscription plan is your guaranteed safety and privacy. Besides the fact that Apple ensures its OS are virus-free and bug-free, Apple does not sell its user’s information, unlike their competitors that install user-tracking software on their smartphones or laptops. Apple charges its users more for their privacy to profit. 5. Marketing You might think you have been transported to the future once you visit an Apple store. They build iconic stores, produce high-quality commercials, invest in influencer marketing and have reliable Apple support. Apple products in Singapore are worth their prices! Get your iPad Air in Singapore at ITEZ.SG. Visit ITEZ.SG today.