4 Tips to Save Money When Buying an iPhone or Macbook

The iPhone or Macbook price in Malaysia is one of the cheapest worldwide. However, sometimes it is better to buy from an authorised reseller than straight from Apple stores. Here are four ways to save money when buying a new iPhone or Macbook.

#1 Set A Budget and Specify Needed Features

Find out what characteristics you want and a budget before shopping for offers. It can be tempting to spend more or purchase more than you need when you spot a good deal. Understand that the product is not the only charm of the Macbook or iPhone experience. You might want to put that money towards something else, such as the AppleCare extended warranty.

#2 Wait for the Right Time

It’s simple to estimate when the next iPhone or Macbook will be available. Typically, the current models in a product series are reduced in price once the new versions are released. If you’re a student, keep an eye out for back-to-school sales from July through September.

#3 The Best Deals Are Not Always from Apple

As long as you aim to purchase a genuine product, there’s no difference between Apple products no matter where you buy them. You will find a discounted iPhone or Macbook price at authorised resellers in Malaysia. Furthermore, most resellers may include extra hardware or software to sweeten the offer.

#4 Purchase a Refurbished Unit

It is only applicable to Mac products. Refurbished or used MacBooks can be purchased via Apple, dealers, or directly from owners. Purchasers of reconditioned MacBooks receive a discount that is 10-20% less than the retail price. However, there is no guarantee, so you are on your own when it comes to duped products. Most of the time, the purchase does not end with the units themselves. You might also need an inkjet printer to pass homework or business reports. So, it is best to save money. Harvey Norman continually provides Malaysians with unrivalled retail experience. The omnichannel retailer has a substantial brand presence in the Electrical, Computers, Furniture, and Bedding retail sectors. You can also get the best mattress options in Malaysia from their store. Contact their website.