4 Tips For Safer Way Of Administering Pet Eye Drops 

As a pet owner, your pet’s wellness matters. You can encounter situations or conditions in which you can expect to give pet eye drops during their life. Some vets can prescribe one for a routine treatment against eye infections since eye conditions can have a long-term impact on your pet.

Administering an eye drop as part of your pet’s medication is a must. Therefore, knowing a simple but safer way to administer eye drops for your pet is a crucial part of the process. Whether you have a pet cat, dog or rabbit, here are a few safer ways of administering eye drops to your pet:

Understand the prescription’s instruction

Whether you’re buying a pet eye drop or using collagen eye drops for your pet/s, ensure that you read the label and understand the instructions first. Reading the label and prescription instructions helps you know the right and safest way to administer medication. Should you have questions, consider contacting a local veterinarian for any further clarifications regarding the instructions before using the medication itself.

Wash your hands before and after administering

Washing your hands before and after administering an eye drop to your pet (or even using other medication) can help avoid potential infection and contamination. Ensure that you also maintain applicators (such as the drop’s tip) clean without allowing them to have contact with any other surfaces. Practising clean hands is necessary whenever you are applying medication to your pet.

Have someone to assist you if necessary

If your pet’s eye is painful or uncomfortable, you may need to ask for another helping hand to assist you. This form of help can be for restraining or putting a muzzle on your pet dog to prevent injury from biting. It’s normal that almost every pet medication (even if you are using pet eye drops) may sometimes start with a control problem. However, you can solve it right away by having someone assist.

Know how to hold your pet securely

If you have a dog, you can have them sit down in front of you, putting one hand on your dog’s muzzle as you tilt its head upward. On the other hand, for cat owners, you can wrap them in a blanket (to help restrain them), leaving their heads exposed. You will find it simpler to administer eye drops to rabbits from a raised surface and restrain them with a blanket or towel.

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