3 Common Mistakes About Exhibition Booths Entrepreneurs Make

Brand activation is one of the most anticipated events of entrepreneurs. Brand activation is a special event or campaign that aims to introduce your brand or new product and service.

Brand activation increases brand awareness and encourages interaction with the consumer. Brand marketing is important because it is an opportunity to present your product and build connections and relationships with your audience.

Exhibition booths are crucial in brand activation. The booths are your stage and platform. Your exhibition booths must be attractive yet functional to be able to tickle the audience’s curiosity, and at the same time, provide everything the entrepreneur needs when presenting the product or service.

Unfortunately, entrepreneurs are bound to make mistakes, especially with their exhibition booth designs. Here are the common mistakes entrepreneurs make:

MISTAKE #1: Lack of purpose and objective

Brand activation is not introducing your brand, product, or service. It is also sending the right message to your audience and what you want them to take away from your brand activation. This is easy in brand activation, but how about in trade shows where hundreds of entrepreneurs share the same floor to present their brands?

Before going to trade shows, make sure to plan the design of your exhibition booths. Will you be capitalising on experiential design? How will you approach your audience? Where will your booth be located?

Setting objectives will lay out the direction of your brand activation campaign. With concrete planning, there is a high chance that your campaign will be successful, especially with the help of experiential marketing services.

MISTAKE #2: Choosing the wrong exhibition

If an entrepreneur can’t afford brand activation, trade shows are also a great platform to present your brands. But not all trade shows are appropriate for your brand or product. Choose a tradeshow where your target audience will be.

For example, if you are presenting your newest drone product, you cannot launch them in a trade show that showcases cooking technology or appliances. Your target audience will not be there. Instead, pick a trade show that showcases camera tech, from professional cameras to underwater cams.

Being in the wrong trade show will not generate leads. Instead, you will be wasting your money and effort. It is crucial to be up to date with the upcoming trade shows in your place and research them.

MISTAKE #3: Poorly designed exhibition booths

Now that you have executed your plan perfectly and found the right brand activation event or trade show, it is time to assess your exhibition booth design. Some hire an exhibition company in Singapore, while others design their own stand. If you are the latter person, you must be extra careful of poorly designed booths.

Booths attract people. If your booths are unattractive, expect that no people will line up to see your product. How can you reverse a poorly designed exhibition booth?

Firstly, your booth must be eye-catching. Learn how to play with colours without overdoing them. Otherwise, your booth will look like an explosion of colours.

Secondly, your booth must communicate a message without you speaking. It should send a cohesive, central message about your brand. These boost brand awareness and retention.

Lastly, ensure that your booth works for you. It must be easy to organise, boost your efficiency and productivity, and be functional. It should also deliver experiential marketing services.

Keep these mistakes in mind and make sure to avoid them when creating your exhibition booth for brand activation and trade shows.

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