What Furniture Pieces Do You  Need For Your Apartment?

Whether you are renting or have bought your first apartment, that does not change the fact that it is a place you can call home. To guarantee it will be a comfortable living space like no other, you need to get other furniture pieces besides a shoe cabinet in Singapore.

Below are the furniture pieces you need to buy before moving into your first apartment.


To have a hearty meal, you need to get a dining table and chairs. Just ensure to get a dining set in an appropriate size. That way, you still have more space to move around the dining area.


If your first apartment is too small to get a wooden bed frame in Singapore, getting a sofa bed will do. This type of furniture can transform into an actual bed that you sleep in at night by pulling the detachable fabric cover.


If you are a bookworm, you can complete your dining area by having a bookcase. With this, you can collect more books that you can read later. You can place it beside your shoe cabinet so that part will not look awkward.


Besides getting a sofa bed in Singapore, you also need to get a TV sideboard to place your smart TV up straight. This method is more practical and safer than attaching your smart TV to the apartment’s wall.


To store all of your clothes and other belongings, make sure to get a dresser with many drawers. Doing so will help you keep your apartment neat.

Where Can You Get All Of These Furniture Pieces?

You can buy the sofa and the rest online in Singapore. Just go to Star Living’s website to see the furniture collection they have from different brands. You can also drop by in person to one of their branches to see the pieces you want to get physically before assembling them in your apartment.