How Joining Volunteer Opportunities Can Help You Land A Job

Sharing your time and skills to help uplift people living in poverty is an excellent way to immerse oneself in the community and cultivate ourselves. However, many don’t realise that when you choose to participate in volunteer work and organisations, you are also boosting your career for long-term benefits and helping you land a job.

While the idea of volunteering revolves around offering one’s time, resources and skills in part to undertake a specific task, usually for a good cause. Volunteering can be a worthwhile, fulfilling experience to provide value to you as part of an organisation and the community. Finding a volunteer to upscale your skills and talents while helping people is easier today. But how does it help you get a job and kickstart your career? Here are ways how volunteering can help you enhance your career and find you a job:

It Helps You Practise & Develop Skills Further

Whether it’s volunteering to help young students experiencing educational inequality or providing a seminar and workshop for people, volunteering helps practise and improve one’s skills. You could also discover and learn skills you’ll never know would pique your interest along the way. Not to mention, it does help aid in maintaining what you learn and what you might need to work on before you use it elsewhere on a real job.

It Expands Your Network

The network plays a role in helping you become more known to employers and people who might recommend you to them. It is all about knowing more people along the way, and volunteering is an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded individuals that can help expand your network. Maintain your list of contacts you encounter while volunteering because you’ll never know if they need your help or who will help you.

It Looks Good On Your Resume

Joining any volunteer opportunities in Singapore increases your chance of finding and landing a job. Why? It shows you are committing your time to develop skills, make initiatives and create connections, which are essential to the workplace. Your resume will tell your employers that you are a willing candidate who has experience in taking your valuable skills and time for a worthy, greater cause. There’s nothing to dislike about that.

It Provides You With More References

You earn more references along the way by being a dedicated volunteer in your local organisation. You can take advantage of these references to seek and apply for a paid job. Nonetheless, ensure they know you and your work well when you ask someone to be a reference. Some organisations offer work experience certificates, which you can use in your resume.

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