Should You Repair Your Windows Yourself or Call a Professional?

It can be frustrating to see a broken window or a window that won’t close.  So, should you fix the window yourself or hire a professional?  The answer depends on several factors, such as the severity of the problem, your DIY skills, and the tools you have.  Here’s how to choose the best window repair:

When DIY Window Repair Might Be Right For You?

Some window repairs can be done by the handy homeowner who knows how to fix things.  Here are some scenarios where you might consider fixing the repair yourself:

You can fix small scratches on the window frame with furniture polish.  Sanding, priming, and repainting can fix chipped paint on a wooden frame. If the window stops or moulding around the frame are loose or damaged, replacing them can be a DIY project.  Hardware stores usually have a lot of moulding options.

Over time, caulk around windows can dry out and crack, which allows drafts and moisture to get in.  With the right tools and materials, you can remove old caulk and apply fresh caulk. To make windows easier to open or close, tighten the screws or hinges.  You can fix it with a screwdriver and some simple tightening.

When to Call A Window Repair Specialist?

You can fix some windows yourself, but sometimes it’s better to hire a professional.  Here are some signs you might want to call in the experts:

  • If your window glass is cracked or broken, you need special tools and techniques to replace it. This is especially important for double-paned windows. A professional glazier can handle this job.
  • If the window frame is warped, rotted, or badly damaged, a professional assessment is important. Repairs might involve replacing specific frame sections or the whole window unit.
  • If you’re not sure what’s causing the frameless glass shower door to malfunction, a professional can diagnose the problem and recommend the best repair solution.
  • If your windows are still covered by the warranty, you should not try to fix them yourself. Before attempting any repairs yourself, check the warranty information.
  • Safety concerns: Working on windows at heights or ones that need to be taken apart can be dangerous. If you have any safety questions, call a professional.

Importance of Finding a Qualified Window Repair Specialist

If you decide to hire a professional window repair company, make sure they are qualified and reliable.  Here are a few ideas:

Compare prices and services offered by different window repair specialists before making a decision. Ask for references and read online reviews to see how customers feel about the companies. Make sure the company has the right licenses and insurance to fix windows in your area.

Final Words

You can make an informed decision about whether to tackle your window repair yourself or call a professional.  Remember, even a small fix can become a big one if you don’t do it right.  For security and a good job, hire a professional for difficult repairs or if you don’t have the skills or tools to do it yourself.