Reasons why you should write poetry

Pramod reveals that he formerly thought poetry might be one of two things. It was either Shakespeare’s writing method, which included following formulas and calculating each syllable, or a few lines ending in rhymed phrases, like The Cat in the Hat. He discovered, however, that poetry is more than rhyming and words. It is “Literary work in which the exposition of concepts and ideas is given greater emphasis through the use of unique style and rhythm,” he says. 

Pramod Rajput is a well-known Hindi/Poet. He is trying hard to popularize the Indian national language, HINDI, in the United States, where few people speak it. His works are primarily concerned with various human emotions. His specialty is romance, but he is equally adept at portraying other emotions such as sadness, happiness, frustration, motivation, etc. That is why his works touch the hearts of his readers, and everyone can relate to them.

He believes that poetry can take on nearly any form. Simply put, writing must portray sentiments and ideas stylishly and rhythmically. That’s something you can do. Many writers shy away from composing poetry. So, what’s the deal? Below mentioned are a few compelling reasons to take the plunge and write it, 

To improve the understanding of your language. 

Poetry forces you to search for the ideal term through the language. Rather than describing someone “slowly walks through the door,” you may say they “enter casually.” In poetry, each word must be carefully chosen to fit the overall rhythm and flow of the composition. Writing poetry necessitates harmoniously expressing a sensation or notion, virtually obliterating the words on the paper. We can only improve our style and skill through practice.

Attempt, fail, succeed, and continue to write. Writing poetry will force you to think about language and how you use it more deeply.

To learn to bend the rules.

We all know that rules are destined to be broken. While our editor may disagree, Pramod feels that learning to set your own rules is a sign of excellent writing, not merely breaking them. That is how laws are made, to begin with. You are allowed to transgress more rules in poetry. Not only can you utilize grammar to establish a rhythm, but you can also use it to divide dependent clauses. Poetry doesn’t have to be a set length, either. Some poems are only a few words long, while others, such as The Illiad, are hundreds of pages long.

To get better at writing. 

The most important reason to create poetry is that it will improve all of your writing. Poetry allows you to comprehend the language better and perceive your essay in a new light. It will enable you to express yourself and your views better. Take, for example, Shakespeare. Shakespeare began his career as a playwright and actor. Shakespeare had previously primarily written comedies and histories. He wrote dramas and tragedies, including Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth, after taking time to produce poetry. These later works are often regarded as among the best in English.

Don’t be frightened. If you’ve never written poetry before, it can appear to be a daunting task. We limit ourselves far too often in our writing. Instead, we should push ourselves to become great writers by writing what we’re afraid to write.