Neural network for entertainment purposes 

A neural network is a computer program capable of learning. Almost any task can be assigned to it. And if you first show the machine a thousand or two correct solutions, then it will learn to find the correct answer on its own. There is complex mathematics behind neural networks; check its implementation of deepnude to the nudity area in the post below. 

What are neural networks?

Neural networks are used to solve a variety of problems, from speech and image recognition to weather forecasting and even music creation. One of the main differences and advantages of neural networks is that they do not need to be programmed in the usual sense; that is, they do not need to be given a strictly described algorithm of behavior according to which the neural network will work.

Most entertainment companies are adopting artificial intelligence to attract investment and focus on delivering high-quality content that captures the attention of audiences. Not only does it help reduce wasted time and resources, but it also improves team efficiency and effectiveness. The introduction of automation into a strategy allows you to make your team more efficient and competitive in the market.

How do neural networks work?

Neural networks are trained on a data set that contains examples of what the correct response to input data should look like. The neural network then tries to find the most optimal combination of weights that will allow it to produce the closest-to-correct response to each input sample. The learning process continues until the neural network begins to produce satisfactory results on all input data.

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