Loafers for Men Fashion: How to Wear Loafers?

Men’s footwear has made an impressive transition from being purely practical to adding a level of aestheticism to one’s fashion game. Men’s footwear is just as diverse, if not more so, than women’s. From formal Oxfords to Derbies and Brogues, known as gentleman’s shoes, fashion etiquette has become more relaxed to include slip-on loafers and moccasins that can take your casual outfit to the next level.


Loafers are one type of shoe that can quickly transition from being entirely conventional to casual vibe like in Jordan 5 Retro Paris Saint Germain White. For men, style is never far away from loafers because there are many variations to choose from. However, perfecting your loafer game is sometimes easier said than done.


With so many options for dressing up in the latest loafer shoes from many variants, it is critical to get your basics right. As a result, let’s learn how to wear loafers correctly.


Loafer Styles for Every Outfit

Loafers, which were initially restricted to use as casual shoes, quickly grew in popularity and became more mainstream with the introduction of different types of loafers. With such a wide selection, men can find a loafer style like Jordan 5 Retro Paris Saint Germain White to suit any occasion or dress code.


1- Horsebit Loafers – a timeless fashion statement!

Horsebit loafers, also known as Gucci loafers, have a metal clasp at the front of the shoe to create a unique design that sets them apart. Gucci has been a top loafer brand for generations, thanks to the popularity of the horse it loafers, which have become a classic style statement in their own right.


2- Tassel Loafers are synonymous with adaptability

After picking up the same kind of design overseas during World War II, famed actor Paul Lukas introduced the loafer style to the American public. Wearing black loafers for men will contribute to creating a business casual look, with an outer stitch detail adding an embellished appeal.


3- Penny Loafers are the epitome of sophistication

Penny loafers are another timeless fashion statement that every man must add to their shoe collection. Penny loafer shoes got their name during their heyday in the 1930s when college students would stuff coins/pennies into the visible slit on the front strap.


4- Loafers that slip on for a more casual look

Casual loafers and jeans work surprisingly well together. There are numerous ways to wear slip-on loafers and make them work for you. If you want a more casual look, you can go with brighter colors like red loafers for men’s style, but make sure they match the rest of your outfit.


5- Snaffle Loafers are as posh as it gets

Snaffle loafers, which incorporate a horse’s snaffle as an adorning piece at the front of the shoe, are synonymous with the Gucci brand. It was made famous by former US President John F. Kennedy, and it permeated the American people’s consciousness.


To Wrap It Up

Loafers’ versatility is undeniable. Knowing the right combinations and pairings, on the other hand, can make a huge difference in your overall appearance, like in with Jordan 5 Retro Paris Saint Germain White. Here are some examples of wearing loafers with jeans, socks, and without socks.