Is Spider Vein Treatment Right for You?

Remember your mother or grandfather complaining about spider veins in their legs causing discomfort? When you spot these on yourself, it can be disturbing. The small purple and blue lines within your skin are enlarged veins and capillaries. With time, these have become more prominent than ever before. Factors like pregnancy and hormonal changes cause spider veins. Although it is common, people still think twice before getting the spider vein treatment in South Carolina. If you have related symptoms, you must get treatment. Read this to know more! 

Signs To Get Spider Vein Treatment 

Some common symptoms of spider veins include: 

  • Burning sensation in legs 
  • Pain and cramps 
  • Continuous itching in legs 
  • Swelling and heavy legs 
  • Bulging and itching veins 
  • Skin ulcers 
  • Feeling of tiredness 

Treatments For Spider Veins 

1. Sclerotherapy

It is a minimally invasive spider vein procedure where your surgeon injects a chemical solution within your spider veins. The main aim to do so is to close all your veins. Once the solution is injected, it takes around three to four weeks to settle down the spider veins. In severe cases, you may have to go multiple times, and it takes a longer time. 

2. Laser therapy

Laser therapy is a commonly performed spider vein treatment, especially recommended to patients having spider veins on the face. In this procedure, no chemical solution is injected into your veins. Your healthcare expert uses a laser to prepare heat and destroy all spider veins present in your legs or other body parts. The veins may disappear instantly if the spider vein is small. If the veins are larger, it may take 2-3 months to see results. 

Before undergoing any of the spider vein treatments, you must ask your doctor and discuss all potential symptoms. Based on the present condition, the spider vein treatment is recommended. 

Spider Vein Treatment Risks

Treatment for spider veins carries very few minor risks. The chemical agent may momentarily alter the color of adjacent skin if it comes into touch with it. Throughout the recovery process, your surgeon and care team will keep in touch with you and are accessible to address any worries you may have.

Wrapping Up 

If you spot symptoms of spider veins needing treatment, you must take your doctor’s appointment and look for different treatment options.