How to Buy the Best Acrylic Cutting Board

Cutting boards are used for many purposes in the kitchen, such as preparing food and slicing bread. One of the most popular types of cutting boards is made from acrylic. Acrylic is an easy to care for material that can be cleaned with soap and water, or one can even place it in a dishwasher without having to worry about warping or staining like one would have with wood. Some people may think that acrylic cutting board is just another plastic item but they actually have many benefits compared to other items that are used in kitchens such as bamboo and plastic. Here are some factors to consider when buying acrylic cutting board from wholesalers suppliers.

Reviews and technical specifications

In order to find out the overall quality of a cutting board, it would be best to read some user reviews that have been posted on websites. When reading customer reviews, it is important to look for information about who manufactured the board and what materials were used in the board. While these things might seem unimportant, they actually can make all the difference when buying a new cutting board. For example, some acrylic boards are made from chipboard while others are made from sheet plastic or even melamine. Plastic boards tend to warp more than wood boards do when placed in warm temperatures such as kitchen areas and many customers like this since they can be wiped with a damp cloth if they happen to get wet.


Acrylic boards can vary in thickness, so it is important to consider the thickness of a board when buying one. Cutting boards that are 1/8″ or less tend to be quite flimsy and break more easily than those that are thicker. In addition, thicker boards tend to be more resistant to warping and staining compared to flimsy ones as well. If a board can hold heavy items on top of it without cracking or breaking, then it will be able to handle most foods with ease as well.

Ease of Cleaning

Most acrylic cutting boards are dishwasher safe which means they are very easy to clean. However, some cutting boards do not get as clean in the dishwasher and may even contain small chips on their surface that cannot be cleaned off and this can cause food to get stuck on the board. When looking for a new cutting board, it is important to consider how the product is cared for after use in order to ensure your safety when using it and also make sure that stains do not appear on your product overtime.


Many people think that acrylic cutting boards are simply glorified pieces of plastic, but they actually have many benefits that are not associated with other cutting board materials. For example, acrylic boards can be cleaned easily since they do not naturally absorb stains like wood and much easier than plastic. Since acrylic can be molded into many different colors, it is possible to find one that matches the rest of your kitchen decor quite well. Acrylic cutting boards are also quite sturdy and will not chip, break, or crack when knives or sharp objects such as forks, spoons or chopsticks are placed on them.

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