How to Arrange Flowers Like a Florist

Summer is in the air! Birds are chirping, and blue skies and green grass are all around us. Aussies everywhere are in a full flowery frenzy. Flowers are in full bloom as Mother Nature gets a chance to show off and dazzle us with her flowery designs. Making the most out of it and enhancing our daily lives comes easy once you invite her inside. Flowers can make anything look pretty and are a welcome addition to any interior design.

Replicating the feel, smell and sensation of a flourishing, beautiful and colourful meadow naturally come with them. A few delicate touches here and there do the trick, as flowers are grateful for any attention to divert to them. Flowers will, in return, fill more than makeup and accommodate your indoor garden ideas. Without further ado, lets us get started!

1. Fitting them in

As in real estate, the key to success is location, location, location. Any room in your home is perfect for your flowery addition. You can put them in all of your rooms for maximum effect. The key is finding the perfect flower for each room and even then, for each spot. Matching the colours of your flowers to your furniture is one idea. Think of them as a perfect addition to your arsenal for interior design. They are the cherry on top, that subtle difference you can feel when you walk into the room.

When you take a look around, notice where the sunlight drops and stays the most. That’s the perfect spotlight for a flower that loves sunshine. Is there a nook or a cranny that can be made more appealing? Try liana like flowers in that corner or something with bigger leaves to cover it up. Above, beneath or at the sides, flowers are your framing and emphasising tools which can be perfect for any choices you make.

2. Power of colours

Now that we have the “Where” sorted out, let’s get colouring. Colours have a great effect on our mental health, that much is scientifically proven. Flower colours, and the symbolism behind them, are also deeply rooted in Australian culture and traditions. You can have the most beautiful bouquet in the world, with the grandest of colours and shapes, but if it doesn’t match your room, it will all go to waste. Think of incorporating flowers in the same way as you get dressed.

Ball dress with jeans is a fashion murder, and some rules are transferable to indoor flower design choices. If your room is all white, then flowers can be red, to add that diversity, and flair and to stand out. Or, you can go for orange or yellow, to keep the room nice and warm. Take a step back and observe your surroundings. As a painter before his masterpiece, think what would be best suited as a welcomed addition. That’s the kind of flowers you need to get!

3. Reaching out

A single google search can show millions of options, and you are only one person. They all look great, but you can only choose between a very limited number. As we all want the best for ourselves and our homes, making that choice can be difficult. It’s ok to admit that you need a helping hand, and luckily there are professionals out there. No need to re-invent the wheel as professional and stylish Brisbane flowers can find the perfect fit for your home.

Doing the research and perhaps making a shortlist (or a book) of your choices goes a long way in helping out. You can know what you want and how you want it to look, all you need is something to make it happen. That’s when the pros come into play, and they will make that dream a reality. Consider such actions as an extension to your regular flower shopping. When you go to a florist and ask for advice, a presentation and place for flowers can be considered as the other fifty per cent of the overall presentation.

4. Ratios

Okay, let’s get to the gist of it. When you break it down, flowers can be considered to come in green and various colours, and that’s what you got to work with. Fifty/fifty is the perfect and universal ratio to start with. This means, that if you have a certain amount of colours with the petals, you need the same space around them with greenery. Foliage is there in the same way a blank canvas is there for a painting. It’s the ideal background that will make the flowers shine. When you got that down, nip the stems.

You want everyone to admire the flowers, their variance and design, not a long stick. It detracts from what matters. When you think of how much you should nip, take one third away and put them in your vase. If it looks good, then super, you’ve done it. If not, then chip another third until the flowers come into the full display with the dazzling greenery and foliage behind. Always place the front and centre of your flower, don’t hide them behind the greenery.

5. Hydration and food

When you made the ideal display, you want to keep it that way for as long as possible. Understandable as no one wants their hard work to go to waste. Pour water until it’s near the top, make sure that the stems are inside the water, and that’s fine for three days. After three days make sure that you change the water with a fresh one. It also helps with avoiding the smell of stale water. Hydration is important to plants, as well as it is to us, and thinking in such a way can help you remember to keep them moistured. Additional options that you have in these situations are various food and supplements. They prolong and nourish your ideal bouquet or design and can be found in any better-equipped flower store.

6. Style and function

Beauty works best when coupled with brains. Yes, flowers can and are beautiful, and your design matches this description. Now, think of adding an extra layer to that design. Most bouquets get thrown away after a while as they simply can’t last that long, which is a shame. You don’t want the hustle of maintaining a demanding floral spectacle as such potted plants take a lot of time and finesse. Here come plants like aloe vera. Incredibly durable and easy to plant, not demanding and can be put in any room, the list goes on and on. Aloe vera is a great natural solution for your skin, as most skincare products are made from it.

You can grow it in your living room and moisturise your skin whenever you feel like it. Regular watering is all that’s required. This is just one example of a flowery plant that can be used in your design if you aim for longevity. Once you implement them, such flowers become your lifelong partners and useful allies in your daily life.

7. Vases or vases

However, you pronounce them, in both cases, they remain the same object. One that is the grounded foundation for your flowery creative masterpiece.   In the same way, a frame encompasses a picture, so do the vases for your flowers.  Green foliage with red flowers goes perfect in a golden or yellow vase. Plain colours, extravagant designs, see-thru, whole, plastic, ceramic, metal, the list goes on. Some of the best advice is to view vases as extensions to your furniture, rather than flowers. That desk or chimney stall can be your base point for when you want to pick the perfect vase.

Then you can adjust a tiny bit to accommodate them to your flowers and voila, jobs are done. One more thing to note here. Vases should not compete with your flowers for attention. They are the addition; your flowers are what’s in focus here. If you have lavished and dazzling flowers on the display, then a plain or plainer vase is in order. Similarly, if your flowers are shy and discrete, your vases are there to boost them and to make them shine. Never go with the options where both items are superbly extravagant as they will compete for attention. There is room for only one diva here.

Embarking on any new journey or endeavour is certainly exciting. There is so much to do and research that you don’t know where to start. Everything is brand new, and you want to dig in, the question remains where? The answer is to take any first step, as making any change or progress is better than none. Being stupid before you even start can be disheartening so never lose track of why you started in the first place. Your ideal vision for the flowery design that you sorely want to see in your life won’t come overnight. Bit by bit, step by step, as you dive into the colourful and lush world of herbal designing, you will be able to view progress. Physical manifestations of your hard work and great design will appear before your very eyes. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.