How Did Traditional Chinese Medicine Help My Anxiety Disorder

I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder because of overworking myself when I landed my job as an accountant. As a young professional in my 20s, my goal was to climb the ladder and become the youngest department head. Since I was still young and healthy, I could overwork myself without repercussions on my physical health. My body was completely fine, but my mental health was deteriorating. I felt more anxious, making me feel restless and irritable. Since then, my goal has been to improve my health with traditional Chinese medicine in Singapore

Why, then, do I choose TCM over scientific methods? Although science is advanced in the medical industry, I firmly believe that TCM is a holistic approach and appropriate way to cure any disease, including mental health disorders. Get to know how I regain my strength and learn how to prioritise my health with traditional Chinese medicine.

How Traditional Chinese Medicine Help My Anxiety Disorder

Overworking will only backfire. Most people think that grinding yourself up the ladder will lead you to success. But take time to rest and learn from my mistakes. I was overly eager to achieve more things that I forgot to sleep. Unfortunately, it has affected my mental health due to the pressure from my work. Let me tell you how traditional Chinese medicine helps my anxiety disorder.

1. It Improves My Sleep Quality

There are plenty of deadlines in my daily work, and I found it hard to sleep eight hours straight without worrying about the next day. I was sleep deprived. Luckily, methods like acupuncture TCM help me relax. Acupuncture quiets my mind and lets me forget about my work in the meantime. On top of this, it increases melatonin to improve sleep quality.

2. The Power of Herbal Medicines

Herbal medicines are also a powerful remedy to alleviate anxiety and even depression. There are herbals like Ashwagandha, Chamomile, Valerian, Lavender, Galphimia glauca, and other supplements. But before I took any herbal medicines in the confinement herbs list, I asked my doctor what type of herbs was appropriate for my condition to prevent complications.

3. Exercises: Qi Gong and Tai Chi

Exercising releases happy hormones and encourages your body to feel more active instead of slumping on the bed the whole day. When I was diagnosed with anxiety, all I wanted to do was lie down in bed and scroll through my phone.

My anxiety had worsened because of my inactivity! Since I want to be more active, I tried traditional Chinese medicine by participating in Qi gong and Tai chi. Both exercises can reduce anxiety and stress because it increases concentration.

4. Manage Body Pain

I was working all day long in front of the computer and developed neck pain too! It worsened my anxiety disorder and forced me to take a break from work. Due to this, I tried traditional Chinese medicine in Singapore to improve my body holistically. There is even acupuncture and TCM for fertility that can help women. Nonetheless, a body free from pain means better mental health.

Health is also essential, like money and time. Learn from my story and take the time to visit Thomson Chinese Medicine to improve your health. Visit their website to learn more about acupuncture and TCM fertility in Singapore