Deck-Friendly Plants to Brighten Up Your Home

What’s your ideal deck? Do you prefer something soothing, cheerful, and bright, or do you like a more minimalistic view? If you’re spending time on your patio, why not brighten it with deck-friendly plants using deck planters

Whether you want something cozy or vibrant, these deck-friendly plants are great for creating any vibe. They’ll make your deck even more inviting; let’s look.


Growing these lush, heart-shaped leaves with red and pink hues in your deck planters will brighten your home. It is the ideal choice for anyone looking for annuals. However, you should note that it needs a humid environment and a semi-shaded location to thrive.


Another deck-friendly plant for you is the begonia. This is a large, bright, blooming plant loved by gardeners worldwide. This plant will bloom on your deck without a need to remove the old blooms. This means they require less cleanup than other deck flowers.


Growing lavender in your deck planters will brighten your home in the right environment. Although they don’t bloom as significantly as other flowers, it is consistent throughout the spring and summer and also retains their coloration well. In addition, it is a high-contrast plant that provides one of the most appreciated flowery scents.


This is one of the most common deck-friendly plants out there. It works well to brighten up your deck and make it even more inviting. Croton offers you rainbow-like leaves that spark interest even without flowering. On your patio, they’ll grow to be very large and bushy.

Ornamental Grass

Whether you’re opting for purple fountain grass or Japanese forest grass, there are many ornamental types of grass for your deck. In your deck planters, grasses work because they create more privacy while filling up your space. They also grow quickly; you can prune them as needed during the season. 


Adding colors to your deck will brighten it up and make it even more inviting. The plants reviewed in this article will have a stunning impact on your patio when potted in your deck planters.