Cosy & Stylish Winter Wear For Women

It is officially the season of sipping a warm cup of hot chocolate buried under a pile of clothes. But wait, right there! You get two options: look like a snuggle teddy bear or rock the winter wears with a bang! Sweatshirts for women are not just one fashion option this winter season. 

Mothers are dusting off the woollen wear out of boxes and getting them winter-ready, but we know that is not on the winter wardrobe this year. Balancing fashion and combating the chilly air is the dilemma faced. Keeping oneself warm while graciously managing to have people talk about your latest jacket is challenging but still in the realms of possibilities.  

From Kantha Shawls of West Bengal to the best leather jackets in the country, here is a list of some of the cosiest and most stylish winter collections for each woman. Roll up your sleeves (not literally) and read already!

Cropped Cardigans & Pullovers

Aesthetic and very much in the trend, cropped cardigans and pullovers for women are the season’s choices. As they say, the only way to look drop-dead happening in the winter one must layer it up. No, you would not look like Monica back in her days, you need to play it smart, and cropped cardigans and pullovers will do the same. Cute pastel colours will bring out the winter glow in the skin, giving dark academic vibes when paired with a winter skirt.

Turtle Necks

Nothing beats the supremacy of turtle necks and high necks in winter fashion. They are cosy and keep you warm. Get a stack of them in different colours—distressed jeans or stockings, skirts or joggers. 

Winter Stockings

Winter stockings are a must-have in your winter wardrobe and a huge companion to the sheath, bodycon, and summer dresses. These thermal stockings keep your legs snug and are available in shades of every skin tone. Accessorise it with Chelsea boots to finish the look.

Long Coat & Blazers

Hands down, long coats & blazers for women are of paramount value this season. Gone are the days when fashion and comfort never coincided. Do you belong to fashion and comfort go hand in hand tribe? If yes, then these long coats are for you.

Oversized Sweatshirts

Come on now! You did not think the list would not have oversized sweatshirts and sweaters for women. They are a go-to clothing for running an errand to lying in bed. Both are comfy, elegant, and cute. Pair it with jeans to go around and about the city. 

Puffed Jackets and Leather Jackets

True to the name, puffed jackets are puffed and huge. To all oversized clothing lovers, you should get them. These jackets keep you levitating in the freezing temperature whilst making a style statement. Leather jackets pitch a chic look and simultaneously maintain a badass trait in you. 


Winter wear has added hats such as beanies or berets. Keeping an extra pair of boots and socks. These were some top-of-the-shelf clothing ideas you must try this season. You might bump into your Raj while wandering in the bookstores in your refined winter wear!