BBQs2U Offers Innovative and Digital Masterbuilt Gravity Series

BBQs2U is an authorized dealer of renowned grills that can take smoking, grilling, BBQing to the next level. It is a family business that has built trust and credibility in the market, since 2002. It went online in 2010 and has top reviews from customers and influencers. The brands they sell are of high quality and even their bonding with new and existing customers is awesome.

BBQs2U are experts and offer suggestions if customers feel confused about what to buy. People who are seasoned grillers or beginners feel at ease with the family. Check out the Masterbuilt BBQ benefits on their website. Masterbuilt is the largest BBQ brand in America with five decades of experience. It has been offering versatile, innovative, and affordable products. The ‘Gravity Series’ was launched in 2020. It is the first digitally controlled charcoal grill and smoker around the world.

The Gravity Series family includes models 560, 800, and 1050. All the grills in the family have impressive similar features but the difference lies in its cooking surface, fuel capacity, and price range. The Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560 has 560” of cooking surface and is priced lower than its counterpart with 800” and 1050” grilling space.

Masterbuilt is a charcoal grill but needs to be powered to electricity for digital controls. There is also a need for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to handle the digital controls from remote regions on your smartphone. The fans are controlled digitally and there is an in-built meat probe thermometer. There is no need to wait and monitor the fire or feed the hopper all day.

The digital control automatically adjusts the temperature. Fill the gravity hopper and it will automatically feed the main chamber. No need to handle the messy grate or get your hands filthy while trying to shift hot coals around. For long cooks, Masterbuilt is amazing because you can go grocery shopping and stay connected with the unit via the Masterbuilt app.

Adjust the internal temperature of the grill, while shopping because if it gets very hot you will know. For safety, an alarm is in-built to notify when the grill reaches a specific temperature.

The unit includes a removable drip pan and tray for quick cleanup. The foldout shelves are made from stainless steel. These are great for prepping the meat or as resting space later. Cleaning is stress-free and just fold down the shelves for easy storage.

Along with the impressive features, Masterbuilt models are visually appealing. It is not an ugly piece of hunky metal but looks sleek and elegant. The unit is designed from smooth black steel and the structure will look aesthetically pleasing in homes.

On BBQs2U there is an array of Masterbuilt accessories and add-ons like tongs, grilling mats, spatula, torch, grill brush, oven mitt, rib rack, metal kabobs, cover, rotisserie, etc. Follow BBQs2U on Pinterest, where tips and recipes are shared with everyone. Even if the grill is fueled with charcoal, less smoke is produced… go for it!