Advice For Choosing Floor Tiles

Your floor tiles say a lot about your style. In this guide, we will assist you in selecting the ideal tile material, color, size, and finish to give your property a thoroughly updated appearance. Céramique au Sommet tile liquidation is something that you definitely check out.

Here are some suggestions to help you limit your options.

Everything You Need to Know About Tile Types:

Ceramic tiles are tough and reasonably priced, but they are also prone to breaking and shattering. It is strongly advised to use ceramic tiles from groups 4 or 5, which are acceptable for areas with light to medium usage.

  • Ceramic tiles are scratch- and stain-resistant and are thicker and tougher than ceramic ones. Choose corrected or whole porcelain tiles for a smooth finish. Use cement patching to create a clean appearance.
  • Glazed tiles are resilient to moisture, stains, and wear. They come in a variety of forms, including glazed tiles with added gloss, complete body tiles with a consistent color scheme. Overall, soluble salt tiles in a variety of patterns, and doubly billed vitrified tiles with two colors.
  • Cement tiles that come in classic designs are a good choice for a striking appearance. These must occasionally be sealed because they are permeable in nature.

How to Pick the Correct Size?

When selecting the size, ensure that there will be as little waste as possible during installation. Choose large tiles for the sitting room, dining table, and bedrooms. For kitchens and bathrooms, smaller ones are suitable. Remember that larger tiles give the impression of space and produce fewer joint lines.

Advice for Design

Tiles come in a wide range of hues and designs. Thanks to advances in digital printing technology, tiles may mimic the appearance and texture of organic materials, including wood, marble, and various types of natural stone. Additionally, you can combine and mix two or maybe more tiles to make a unique pattern.

Choose the best tile finish.

Gloss finish tiling offers a lovely mirror-like surface that reflects light, brightens the room, and gives the house a feeling of space because they have a propensity to become slippery when wet. Glossy ones should not be used in damp environments like the kitchen or bathroom. 

Matte finish types are drop-resistant and non-reflective, and they do not show spots or dirt easily. Additionally, slip-resistant tiles lessen the chance of falling in moist places like the bathroom and kitchen. A semi-matte or lapatto finish are other options. These tiles are non-slip and have a brighter sheen than matte tiles.