7 Considerations for Choosing a Self Storage Facility

Self storage is a popular choice for individuals and organisations. It is a practical and cost-effective option whether you plan to move homes, downsize your belongings, or need extra storage space to tidy your home or business. The following are seven crucial factors to consider when choosing a self storage facility.

#1 Assess Your Storage Needs

Take inventory of the items you need to store and determine the size and type of unit that will best suit your needs before renting a self storage unit. Consider factors like item sizes, whether they need climate control, and how often you will need to access them.

#2 Choose a Reputable Facility

Look for a well-maintained, secure, and conveniently located self storage facility. Scan reviews and check for certifications to ensure that your chosen facility is reputable and trustworthy.

#3 Prepare Your Items for Storage

Properly packing and protecting your items can help ensure their condition and keep them safe while in storage. Use sturdy boxes and packaging materials to protect fragile belongings. Ensure to label your storage boxes and create an inventory of the contents to locate objects more effortlessly.

#4 Use Appropriate Storage Accessories

Self storage facilities offer various accessories to help make the most of your unit. Shelving can help you maximise space and keep items organised. On the other hand, furniture covers can protect your furniture from dust and damage while in self storage.

#5 Ensure Security

Choose a self storage facility with security measures to protect your items, like surveillance cameras and secure access gates. However, it is still critical to take steps to protect your belongings.

#6 Consider Access Hours

Access hours for each self storage facility vary depending on the firm. Hence, ensure you are aware of when you can access your unit. Check if the facility offers 24-hour access or after-hours access arrangements if you need to access your storage unit outside of regular hours.

#7 Compare Prices & Deals

Self storage prices can vary depending on the size and location of the unit. The length of the rental period can also influence its price. Compare prices and deals from several facilities before renting a storage unit to ensure you get the best value for your money.

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