5 Rolex Watches Your Wife May Want On Anniversary

Are you looking for a luxurious, attractive, and smart watch for gifting to your wife on your anniversary? Then Rolex watches are perfect for making your anniversary memorable and unique. Ladies Rolex watches come with durable bodies, having different colors and designs. Premium materials are used for making their watches. It will enhance your class and beauty and make you look fashionable. Look at some models at https://www.namsawang.com/th/rolex/oyster-perpetual/ including Oyster Perpetual that will go perfectly in your wife’s hands.

The Rolex Yacht-Master

This Rolex Yacht-master watch is a cousin of the submarine Rolex watch as it’s also waterproof and includes the feature of the submarine watch. This watch is suitable to wear on any occasion and acts as a sports watch. This Stainless-steel watch is very durable and long-lasting.

Day-Date 26

This watch was launched in 1956, and this watch was the first model that displayed the days along with time. The watch is a bit costly as it comes in only 950 platinum and 18-cart gold. The dial size is 36 mm and encased in white gold, pink and yellow color. Your wife can wear it on any occasion or daily.

Rolex Lady Oyster Perpetual Watch

For gifting on your anniversary, this watch will fulfill your gifting purpose because of its elegant design. The Lady Oyster perpetual watch was the first model introduced for ladies in 1954. Till now, there have been slight changes in its design and color. This watch is known for its purple dial and Oyster case, which makes it waterproof.

Lady Datejust

Lady Datejust watch is one of the best collections in the Rolex lady watch family. Having a broad range, this watch has different designs, styles, and dials. The watch is waterproof and has accessible date-setting features. The design of the dial looks different from other Rolex watches. This watch is affordable and a good investment option for your anniversary.

Rolex Submarine

Introduced 60 years ago, this watch undergoes various developments in features and designs. This watch is perfect for women as it can be used for regular and rough use. For those who like sports, this watch is perfect for them.


For gifting purposes, the Rolex watch is a great choice, and it attracts people because of its elegant, attractive, and stylish design.