4 Tips for Planning the Best Hybrid Event in Singapore

Hybrid events have become one of the most popular ways to host corporate events, especially as we recover from the pandemic. You’ll get the best of both worlds by hosting a hybrid event in Singapore. People can continue to practise social distancing, all while everyone gets to have a livelier experience that can’t be captured with a fully remote event. If your business needs to host an event to promote a new product or announce updates and future events, you’ll undoubtedly benefit from turning it into a hybrid one.

If you’re new to planning a hybrid event, don’t fret. With these four tips, you can plan the perfect event to make your business soar to new heights.

1. Consider Live Streaming the Event

Events like these draw people’s interest, but if it’s a closed occasion or meeting, finding out they won’t be able to participate may discourage them from your brand. You can solve this issue and draw in a more extensive consumer base by hiring live streaming services in Singapore to host a live stream for your event. You can then host this stream on popular social media sites like Facebook or Youtube to draw in a larger audience.

2. Prepare Your Presentations Ahead of Time

Technical difficulties are an unfortunate part of hosting online and hybrid events. It would be embarrassing if your technology fails, just as someone from your company is about to present something important during the event. Luckily, you can take steps to avoid this. For example, consider filming a crucial presentation ahead of time. You can hire a corporate video production company in Singapore to ensure that your presentation is high quality.

3. Choose the Right Onsite and Online Platforms

When hosting a hybrid event, you’ll have to find not just one venue but two. Firstly, where will the onsite location be? Do you have a designated room or floor in your office building suitable for hosting an elaborate hybrid event in Singapore? If not, try looking for conference rooms you can rent. Secondly, which online platform will you use for online participants? The most commonly used platform right now is Zoom, but if you believe it can’t fit your needs, you can look for recommendations from other hybrid event planners.

4. Maintain Engagement and Interaction

An unfortunate side effect of online events is that it may be challenging to retain people’s attention. If your audience finds your content uninteresting, they may end up tabbing out of the online platform to check their social media or do anything else. To retain audience attention, ensure you have ways to engage and interact with them. For example, you can hold a Q&A segment where you open the floor for the audience to ask questions.

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