4 Popular Types of Flowers You Can Use for Your Bouquets

Flowers have been a love language between relatives, friends, and significant others for centuries. There’s a flower for almost any occasion you can think of! One of the most common ways we like to share our flowers with loved ones is by giving pretty bouquets to them. Bouquets can be carried around, put in a vase, or sent through flower delivery in Singapore.

A bouquet is an easy, enjoyable, and pretty way to appreciate flowers. Have you ever tried creating your bouquet to send to your loved ones? The first thing you have to do is figure out what types of flowers to include in your bouquets. Here are some of the most popular flowers that people love to see in bouquets!

1. Roses.

 Roses are perfect for bouquets because of their romantic appearance and enticing scent. The colour of your roses can signify the message you want to deliver to your loved ones. They’re usually the eye-catching centrepiece of any bouquet!

2. Tulips.

A tulip bouquet in Singapore is special because they are pretty flowers with bold colours and symmetrical shapes. They also symbolise love, but different tulip colours can symbolise happiness, cheerfulness, and forgiveness.

3. Daffodils.

 Daffodils are the perfect filler flower. Coming in over 120 varieties, they come in fun colours that are sure to delight any receiver. You can get enough of them to fill a big vase or bouquet!

4. Sunflowers.

What’s more bright and happy than a pretty sunflower bouquet in Singapore? These large flowers can draw anyone’s attention. They usually mean joy, happiness, and pure adoration. Use this flower to cheer up someone who’s feeling down!

You can make your loved one’s special days a thousand times brighter with pretty flowers. Check out Flowers and Kisses’ website to know more about how to deliver your hand bouquets to anyone in Singapore!