What Are The Correct Ways To Apply Hair Care Products? 

Having a bad hair day is pretty normal for everyone. However, if that is happening to you at all times, you better invest in quality hair care products and learn the correct ways to apply them.

With the proper application of hair products in Singapore, you can say goodbye to bad hair days and welcome the new you. Continue reading to learn what you must do.

1. Shampoo

The shampoo is one the most common hair care products that help keep the hair clean and fresh. Instead of directly applying it to the hair, squirt a small amount into the palm and rub it until it forms some bubbles before putting it on your wet hair. Make sure to massage the hair before rinsing the shampoo off.

2. Conditioner

The next common hair product people use, usually after washing the hair with shampoo, is hair conditioner. This one helps moisturise the hair and make it more manageable.

To apply, spread the hair conditioner evenly on the ends and distribute the rest at the top. Let it sit for a minute or two after running fingers to your hair like a comb.

3. Hair Growth Serum

Applying it on wet hair but ensure not to let it get to the roots or scalps to get the best results from hair growth serum. Make sure to start at the ends to the middle. This sequence helps prevent your hair from becoming greasy and sticky.

4. Hair Mask

Besides hair growth serum in Singapore, some people also use hair masks to keep the hair hydrated and make it stronger. Make sure to apply the hair mask to wet hair. You should also massage it the same way you do with the hair conditioner and let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes before washing the hair.

Now that you know the correct application of hair care products, it is time to invest some in your hair. In that case, check out Fayre Beauty. They are a store that sells high-quality beauty products for the skin and hair.