Things People Typically Store in Storage Facilities in Singapore

The term ‘small space living’ is very familiar in Singapore. We tend to deal with limited spaces in our homes or workplaces. While this is advantageous in interior design and maintenance, it is not very convenient when you have various belongings to store. For this reason, many people opt for storage facilities in Singapore to keep their rarely-used belongings.

If you have yet to rent storage space in Singapore, you might wonder what items are allowed in storage facilities. The embarrassment of bringing something to a storage facility and realising that they do not accept such items might hinder you from booking one. Thus, we share some of the most common things people store in storage facilities for reference. Here are a few examples:

1. Seasonal Items

One of the most common items stored in storage facilities, seasonal items include boat/fishing equipment, swimming gear & surfboards, Christmas trees and decorations, thick comforters, and more. These items are ideal in certain seasons but are useless for the rest of the year. Thus, homeowners would not want to throw them away. Yet, more often than not, there is not enough space in the house to keep them. Thus, they go to a cheap storage space in Singapore.

2. Collectibles

People rent storage facilities to keep their collectables, be it CDs, books or action figures. Even a cheap storage space can offer better room for these items than the boxes where they will probably be stored if left inside the house. Since humidity and pests can damage these pieces, collectors often secure them through cheap storage space for rent in Singapore.

3. Rarely-Used Clothes

It is part of the custom for most families to ‘hand down’ clothes from the eldest child to the younger ones. However, some families have these wide gaps from one child to the next that the elder child’s hand-me-downs might not fit the next child right away. Storage facilities are helpful in this situation. People keep their rarely-used clothes there until they are ready to use them.

4. Office Supplies

Office supplies are also often stored in a cheap storage space for rent. Whether an office is undergoing renovations and needs temporary storage for its equipment or the space is too limited for all the office supplies, business owners often rent storage space to solve the problem.

5. Business Supplies

Small or startup businesses typically do not have enough space to store their supplies. For this reason, business owners often rent storage space to house their supplies until an order is placed. Storage facilities offer security and protection to the supplies to avoid possible theft or damage.

Can’t categorise the item you want to store among the list above? Contact Work + Store today to see if your belongings can be stored in their storage facilities.