How To Take Care Of Memorial Diamonds?


Losing someone you love hurts, so it is not surprising that it is difficult to accept that they will never return to your side. While it is true that grief will never go away, you can make yourself feel better by recalling the memories you had together.

Having keepsakes like memorial diamonds is becoming commonplace for deceased family and friends to cope with their grief. They are diamonds grown in a laboratory from human remains, which is why most people call them cremation diamond pieces.

If you plan to turn your loved one’s ashes to become diamonds, here are the things you need to do to take good care of that keepsake.

1. Never Remove The Jewellery In Public

Even though you need to wash your hands in a public restroom, you should not remove the ring where the memorial diamonds are while lathering your hands. If you do so otherwise, there is a high chance that you will leave behind the ring, and the worst thing that can happen is to drop it accidentally in the sink.

2. Try Not To Wear Them When Doing Hand-On Activities

Memorial diamonds might be as strong as natural diamonds, but they are still vulnerable to scratches. Make it a habit to remove them and store them in a safe place whenever you are gardening, washing the dishes, moving furniture, or working out in the gym. These hands-on activities can cause scratches to the surface of memorial diamonds.

3. Be Careful When Applying Products

Another thing you should take note of is to be careful when applying products, especially on your hand if you are wearing a ring. Remember that most products contain harmful chemicals that can temporarily cause discolouration.

4. Schedule Maintenance Appointments With Your Jeweller

To guarantee your memorial diamonds will remain in good condition for a long time, you should send them to your jeweller. They can perform proper inspection and maintenance.

5. Wrap Them In Soft Cloth Before Storing

When storing your memorial diamonds, make sure to wrap them around soft cloth before placing them inside the jewellery box. The fabric will be the one to absorb moisture and prevent the memorial diamonds from becoming discoloured.

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