Answering Important FAQs About Domestic Tiles

Unless you are a professional installer or an interior decorator, knowing in depth about tiles is going to be just impossible. This is not something that you do on a regular basis and chances are high that you might make certain mistakes while picking tiles for yourself. Hence, if it is time to renovate your house or you are laying the tiles from scratch, it is best to read the answers to the most frequent questions about tiles and get your concepts cleared. 

Which tiles are best for bedrooms?

There are no tiles which are confined to any specific area of the house. Any tile type can be used in different other parts of the house, till the time they meet your requirements properly. You can use bigger tiles for the bedroom floors or contrasting tiles behind your bed to create a feature wall. The strong colours and designs of these tiles are going to make it look strikingly different. 

Which tiles are best for flooring?

When you are choosing the floor tiles, you must consider the areas you will be using it for. Bathrooms need anti-skid surfaces and hence matt ones are the best. The living rooms demand all the glam so glossy tiles are going to be a good pick for it. There are many designs, finishes and textures available which you can pick for specific areas of the house. 

Which tiles are best for a small bathroom?

Small tiles are often the best pick for small bathrooms. However, with smaller tiles, there will be more grout lines, which can make the space look a lot more cluttered. It is always best to avoid busy designs. You can also use large plain tiles that create the illusion of larger spaces, even in a compact bathroom. Fewer tiles can effectively cover up the available space pretty easily. 

What tiles should I use in the shower enclosure?

This answer would require to know if you want to use the tiles for flooring or for walls. To get extra grip on the wet floor, it is best to use textured tiles. For the shower wall, the options are endless. You can pick large tiles with less grouts and they will be easier to clean. 

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