5 Simple tips to follow for a smooth customs clearance

Are you frustrated of constant application rejection during the customs clearance? Perhaps, you are missing out on a few essential steps that a customs broker can help you understand. Visiting their office always helps as they provide the best solutions. Other than filing out essential documents, understanding of the overseas law and system is essential too. As long as you are following the norms correctly, your shipment or export won’t delay.

There are a few basics you must know or if you wish to save time, money, and efforts, you can also reach Clearit customs clearance.

5 Simple tips for a smooth customs clearance process:

  1. Arrange the required documents: For any international shipment regardless of car or other goods, you must check the customs process and arrange documents. For instance, a car import to Canada may require documents like the year of model, ownership title, insurance papers, eligibility proof, etc…
  2. Filing of the documents: This could be tricky if you don’t have a custom agent’s support by your side. It is perfectly okay as we are new to the terms and it is not our profession to know every detail. You can always ask or hire a customs agent to file the documents on your behalf.
  3. Declaration: If the customs broker is representing your request and working on your behalf you must submit a declaration. Other than the declaration, a few other documents include owner details, shipment reason, insurance papers, etc…
  4. Quality test and inspection: Once the documents are prepared, arranged, analyzed, and filed properly, the goods or commodity goes through a quality test. It is essential for the overseas Government to know whether the product or vehicle you are importing meets the standards and laws there. Thus, passing the test is essential. A broker can help you prepare for the same.
  5. Be honest in the process: Avoid bluffing or lying about anything in the documents or papers as these may cause you severe penalties. Moreover, your request for customs clearance may also be terminated forever. You must cooperate with the system and deal with every department involved with patience.

Make a list of all the doubts or queries you may have related to customs clearance or import procedure. Check with a good and reliable customs firm like Clearit customs clearance for any updates and information.