5 Myths About Wedding Planning In Singapore

In many countries, wedding ceremonies are deeply rooted in their culture. Tons of superstitions should be followed and myths to believe in during the wedding planning process in Singapore. Some people heed to them religiously, while others dare to step outside the norm and challenge these myths and superstitions by doing the unexpected.

Here are some of the wedding planning myths in Singapore:

1. Wedding gowns must be white.

The common interpretation of the colour white is purity; it is also why brides must wear a white wedding gown. There is no written law that requires you to wear white. Your wedding planner in Singapore won’t stop you if you opt to wear a pink, red, or even a navy blue gown. But expect to see a hint of horror on the face of your guests if they see you walk down the aisle with a black wedding gown.

2. You need at least one year to prepare for the wedding.

Some couples choose to hire a wedding planner 12 months before their weddings, while others opt for an actual day wedding package. The length of wedding planning in Singapore depends on the size of the celebration.

3. Expect to splurge your money on the wedding ceremony.

We have the perception that weddings should be grand and lavish. Weddings should not be expensive. There are many ways to have a cheap wedding. For example, hiring professionals, making DIY invitations and decorations, or renting a gown can save you a lot of money.

4. You must invite everyone.

You don’t have to invite every acquaintance who hasn’t taken any significant role in your life. The fewer the guests, the lower your expenses will be. It also makes the task of your wedding planner in Singapore much simpler.

5. Wedding planners are additional expenses.

The best wedding planner will help you execute the wedding of your dreams without exceeding your budget. They have the skills and experience to work on your limited budget.

Don’t let these myths stop you from having the perfect wedding ceremony.

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