4 Must-Have Home Security System And Services In Singapore

There is no compromise when it comes to home security. As much as possible, we want our family members to be safe from any harm at all times. But we cannot ensure it, especially when we have to be away from them. But thankfully, there are home security systems and services in Singapore that take care of that problem.

Here are the must-have equipment pieces for home security systems and services in Singapore:


CCTV or surveillance cameras are the classic security equipment pieces today. Private and public properties use them as a crime deterrent and to help solve crimes easier.

Before CCTV installation in Singapore, one must choose the type of CCTV cameras to install. Here are the most common types of CCTV cameras:

Dome CCTV –

Provides 360-degree rotation for all-angle coverage

Bullet CCTV –

CCTV camera perfect for long-distance coverage.

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) CCTV –

A CCTV camera that can be panned, tilted, and zoomed remotely.

Day and Night CCTV –

Can adjust to high and low light efficiently.

Infrared CCTV –

A CCTV camera that can capture clear footage in dark, foggy, and smoky areas.

When choosing a surveillance camera for your CCTV system, ensure that your chosen camera meets the environmental condition of your property.


An automatic gate or auto gate in Singapore is simply a gate that operates on its own. It operates with a machine that only responds to the owner. For instance, only the owner who knows the PIN code can open the gates. Children and pets can’t open them easily, thus, preventing them from going outside unattended. It also avoids tailgating in the driveway since the gate automatically closes once the vehicle is on the property. The auto gate repair in Singapore is not very demanding at all.


You can install digital locks and door access in gates and main doors. They are better than door knob locks and padlocks because they can’t be picked easily. For example, a fingerprint door access system can only grant access to people who registered their biometrics in their system. The biometrics–fingerprint–serves as the key to the lock. Strangers with unregistered biometrics cannot enter the home unless permitted by the owner.


Security systems and services in Singapore are not all about criminals and strangers trying to break into the house. Sensors can help protect you from non-human threats, including fire, harmful gases, and floods.

There are three common detection sensors for home.

Smoke detector –

Detects the presence of smoke in the house.

Gas detector –

Gas detectors can detect gases. A single gas detector can detect one gas type, such as hydrogen sulphide or chlorine gas. A multiple-gas detector can detect several gases, such as oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, and more.

Flood detector –

Detects the presence of water flooding and moisture.

These detectors notify the owners when they detect something through app alerts or sirens.

Is your home safe enough for your family? If not, equip your home with this home security systems and services technology in Singapore.

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