August 29, 2017 by Daniel John Johnsson

Sara Sangfelt

A young, talented singer from Stockholm who mix indie-pop with epic rock and soul. QANDA got in touch with Sara Sangfelt to learn more about her newly released EP - Cool My Soul!

It's been two years since your first EP was released. How has time been since then?
– It feels crazy that time has passed so fast! It has been two incredibly fun and eventful years since we released our debut EP! I've been out a lot and performing with my band, which has been really fun! Being out there and do gigs is probably among the best things I know! But then I have also spent a lot of time in the studio and worked alongside many talented songwriters and producers! A lot of new material have been written, which I'm looking forward to get out there!

I think I have evolved a lot as both a person and artist.

The first song on the EP is "I Want You". What is it about?
- The song is based on a classic love story. Love is probably not always the easiest and most obvious. She falls for the wrong guy. Life is indescribably good when she's in his arms, but he isn't as in love with love as she is.

That song also got a music video ...
- (Laughs) Yes, that was a fun shoot. Thought we would have to censor some of the clips actually (laughs). But what don't you do for art?

What was the ambition with it?
– I always want to convey stories that are real and close to my heart. So making a video to the song, it it feelt like it must also be "real". As said, the song is based on a love story. She wants nothing else but to be close to him, but he plays around with her feelings on and off. Love is nice, but sometimes it can sting. It's nice when you can be together.

It was fun to pretend to be an actress for a day too! Never hurts to get a experience richer!

Which are the four other songs. Is it previously unreleased material?
- The four other songs are relatively newly written material, as well as songs that we wrote a long time ago. It's going to be a debut for all these songs now with this EP and it feels fun to get to share these goodies!

The songs released on this EP are titled "I Want You", "Lion", "Say No More", "Americana" and "Give me the pain".

It feels like an honor to get to release "Say No more" and "Give me the pain". Those two songs I wrote with my producer Nicklas Eklund and my now missed friend and amazing songwriter joel Deluna. This spring we were struck by the tragic news about Joel's passing. He was like a brother to me, so it has been hard to realize that he will no longer be with me and write music. But I know he's up in heaven now and listening to all our songs.

The EP actually got it's name, "Cool My soul", after Joel. It was an expression he used a lot!

So there we have your favorites among the songs...
- I'm in love with all our songs on the EP! But I would still say that my favorite is "Say No More"! We wrote it during a time when I went through several tough times in life! In some way, I have a strong connection to the song for that reason. Then it also has been with me for such a long time now, so it has like become a part of me!

Which other songwriters have been involved?
- As said I have had the honor to work with many awesome songwriters for this release! Are so grateful to have the world's best team to work with! Nicklas Edlund has contributed and also produced all of the songs on the EP. Beatrice Robertsson, Victoria Bignet, Martin Buustgard Granlund and Joel Deluna I've gotten the honor to write these songs with!

What a bunch!

Your latest single "Good Luck Charm" isn't included then?
- "Good Luck Charm" was releaesd a few months ago, but will actually be released soon again, this time on a collection of Elvis-songs through my label in the United States.

How did selection of the songs work out?
- I've  worked with my label Starlab and my A & R Peter Sahlin to decide on which songs that would be released on "Cool My Soul"! And I'm feeling very pleased with our choices! But there are many more that I'm looking forward to sharing!

Who knows, maybe we'll release an entire album soon!

There's previously been talk about a whole album. So it's still happening?
- Yes, of course!

What are you looking for in songs that you want to take on?
– What I'm looking for in my songs is stories that will affect you and that you also can relate to. Music is great in that way, you get the chance to share your stories.

You've long been balancing pop, rock and also soul. But what's the core in your music?
- (Laughs) Yes, that's right! I would also say that there is a touch of country in these songs we've just released. I have many influences in music. Ever since I was little I have listened to old goldies like Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty and Creedence. Also gotten inspiration from favorites such as Katie Melua, Amy Winehouse, LP and Lana Del Rey.

I think there's a bucket of love for all this inspiration in my songs. Music that quite simply is close to my heart! That's the kind of music I want to give, music that means a lot to me and which I'm experiencing as timeless.

What have music meant to you, at large?
- I could probably say that my whole life has been built on music! (laughs). It has been with me since I was a kid. Dad and I often sat outside on the balcony and listened to music when I was little. I've always looked up to his taste in music, he probably was the one who got me interested on another level. During the time in which we lived in the U.S., I got even more into music! There are a lot of music legends in the music industry over there!

My time in elementary school wasn't easy. Undergoing many school years alone takes a lot from your courage and self-confidence. It has always been my dream to make my own music and work with that full time. But it requires strenght to get mocked for it and to being told that you are not sufficient. I thought it was an impossibility for me to do this. But when i started high school I got to know one of the persons who matters most to me, Mauricio Contreras. He believed in me and made me start believing in myself again. He helped me to take the step to be on stage.

(Laughs) The first time I performed, I ran off crying and didn't dare to sing. But "Marre" told me that "you just have to try again". The second time it went better! I'm forever grateful for him introducing me to the music world. Music became my strenght and has stayed as such through life! One I find joy and comfort in!

It's an iconic Idol-moment when you get handpicked to the show during an ongoing math lesson...
- (Laughs) I'm probably still as shocked as I was during the math lesson! Didn't really understand then what an awesome adventure I was getting to be on. I'm incredibly grateful that my mother got me into the show and that Idol came and kidnapped me. The time in Idol was the experience of a lifetime and really was a place to develop and gain experience from.

It was after that show I really got the chance to start working on my own music.

What are your tips for those that are looking to use Idol as a stepping stone themselves this fall?
- Just do it! You have nothing to lose on some extra experience in life! Also, you have a lot of fun together with the other participants and you get to experience things you never thought you would!

This summer, you have been to a music festival in Russia?
- It was a totally insane experience! Got to know a lot of nice people who I think I will keep in touch with for a long time! It was also a huge experience to get to be on stage in front of about 100 million TV viewers, that feeling!

It was fun to get such a nice reception and it was fun to represent Sweden in such a big context. The most fun about it was that our new single "I Want You" was so well-received that it went straight to second place in the first day!

That felt big!

And then you've also shared the stage with Scorpions?
- Yes, that's right! That was also an insane experience! To sing "Wind of Change" together with Klaus Meine, it's a memory I'll live with.

What do you want to give on stage?
- Love! Love to life and love for music! Since that actually are among the best there is!

You've done varied sorts of gigs. Do you prefer playing more stripped down-gigs or those of a larger scale?
- Oh, what a good question! Would say that there probably is a certain kind of love for both stripped down and bigger gigs! Sometimes it feels like you are getting closer to the audience when the gigs are a bit smaller, and I love that!

Has this deal you have with american Media Horse resulted in any US gigs?
- Yes, absolutely. We were in L.A. last year and had several gigs for the likes of Lionsgate, Paramount and other major film companies and supervisors. We also went around och performed at radio stations in California, which was really fun!

I'm looking forward to coming gigs.

How are it looking with those?
- I'm actually moving to L.A. now, this September, and will work full-time with music there. I'm really looking forward to taking the stage and play some more there! It will be a wonderful autumn!

Is there anything you'd like to say to the readers before your departure and before they listen to the EP?
- (Laughs) Oh, I hope you will like our songs as much as I do! A lot of me is living in the lyrics, and it's always fun if the messages and the stories can come through!

Love to you all!


Sara Sangfelt is an Swedish artist from Stockholm - soon to be based in L.A. After being handpicked for Idol 2013 she whole-heartedly focused on music. Her second EP Cool My Soul is out now at Spotify, Deezer, iTunes and Tidal.


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