March 31, 2017 by Daniel John Johnsson

Natalie Rose Findlay

We got in touch with London-based Natalie Rose Findlay to learn more about her new album, making satire, favorite poems and overall badassery.

How long did you work on this new album?
– Fucking years (laughs). The bulk of it was recorded in January 2016 and then I had some older singles I put on there as well.

Now that it is all done and out there, how do you feel?
– A huge sense of accomplishment after years of being told no and rejection from labels and heartache at feeling like a failure. it's finally out on a great label and I have a great team of people working towards making it successful.

I feel good at the moment.

How did you celebrate the release?
– I was actually working, I work in a pub, so the band came and met me after work and we got drunk. Then every night consecutively we got drunk. I'm in a hotel room in Paris now nursing a hangover.

Are you pleased with how the album has been received so far?
– Yeah, really pleased. We played a TV show in France this week and the album actually charted which was a nice surprise. All the reviews have been positive so I'm hoping the good news keeps coming on that front!

So how would you describe this first album of yours, what connects the different songs together?
– I think because I've explored a lot of genres and sounds the one thing that really connects all the songs is my voice. It's an instrument as well. The themes of the record too are quite similar, just trying to make sense of the world and of myself...

It's a transitional record for me.

The album share its name with the track Forgotten Pleasures. What can you tell us about that song?
– That song was kind of a eureka moment I wrote with jules when we were touring in Germany. It's a song reminiscing on past relationships and my old bad behaviour. I'm such a different person to who I was in my teens and early twenties.

It's kind of a love song to the old me and my old ways, even though I'm in a better place now for sure it's nice to remember those forgotten pleasures and romanticise those years.

What made it the right name for the album?
– It just felt right.

Just Food is another fantastic song. Probably also my favorite one, although it gotta be said that every track feels like a home run. Its almost like this is an Greatest Hits-album and not your first. Anyhow, what is that song about it?
– It's a satire on the food and beauty industry. Remember the protein world adverts? Look it up if you don't. We stole the aesthetic for the video shoot. That advert made me so angry, it ended up being banned in London so many people hated it. There's so much pressure on people to look right, eat clean, blah blah blah...

Then on the flip side shitty food is so cheap to buy and destroying the planet, there's no balance anymore. We need to find the equilibrium and respect ourselves and the planet but I can't see anything changing anytime soon which is sad.

Just my two cents.

Do you have any favorite of your own on the album?
– "Sunday morning in the afternoon" probably. We kept my stoned, demo vocal in the end that i recorded at 3am on the couch. I couldn't sing it better, that song gave me closure on a relationship that never made it to fruition. It's the most mature sounding song on the record and more the style of songwriting I want to go forward with for the next album.

Who were you growing up?
– Shy and embarrassing turned into rebellious and outspoken turned into kind of where I am now.  I feel like I'm still growing up though to be honest and I'm fucking 25 already. It takes work. Just to be comfortable in your own skin and happy with your surroundings. It's work!

I'm much more relaxed though than I was when I was younger. I've learned not to sweat the small stuff as much.

How did you get into making music?
– I think it was like an escape for me when I was a teenager. I could listen to records and try and emulate the songwriting and it made me feel like I belonged to something bigger than what my existence was at the time. I started playing guitar and singing and finding myself and my voice through trial and error.

I found some of my first songs and demos recently, actually they're hilarious.

As I understand it you are very inspired by poetry in your songwriting. Why is that?
– Poetry is just pure. It's just words, nothing to hide behind. No music, no pictures, it's straight from the soul of the poet. Poets are special people, it takes guts to be one. I really admire a lot of the beat poets especially

Anyone in particular?
– Allen Ginsberg, William s Burroughs.. A lot of the war poets I really love as well. I think Kate tempest is a genius, John cooper Clarke. I've been to see many times I love him. I'm reading a lot of Rupi Kaur at the moment too.

Which is your favorite poem?
– "Song" by Allen Ginsberg or anything by John cooper Clarke.

Is there any song that you can't be without right now?
– The Growlers' "City Club"

You're originally from Manchester, which has a great and let's say caressing music scene. Was it London-living or career opportunities that made you want to move away?
– It was more for the career opportunities that I moved to London but I have more success in Europe, so maybe I should consider moving to France or Germany. I don't know!?

Favorite thing to do when you're back in Manchester?
– See my friends and family. And my cat.

Who are you on stage?
– I guess I try and be myself, a more confident version. I want to give the audience a show and get them dancing and having a good time.

Are you the kind of artist that are absolutely excited or absolutely terrified about performing live?
– A bit of both, depends on the day and what kind of show it is. Headline shows are more exciting than support slots. Sometimes I get very bad anxiety before shows but I'm working on handling my stress better.

Breathing exercises instead of whiskey shots. Who'd have thought?

How is it with upcoming gigs now?
– We just had to cancel our US shows because our visas wouldn't arrive in time. Kind of sucks but we are off to Germany for a headline tour in two weeks and we have some festivals and a show in Paris soon so all good!

Going to go to America later on hopefully for a bigger and better tour.

I know you've already been doing a lot of shows outside UK, but what about Sweden. Have you ever been or plan to come?
– I really want to come to Sweden soon. I've been to Gothenburg before and really liked it. I'd love to play Way Out West festival..

Need to find an agent out there!

What has been your most memorable gig so far?
– Probably Glastonbury or Garorock festival. Just for the great crowds and free booze (laughs)

What's the weirdest thing that ever happened to you around a show?
– Getting strip searched at the Swiss border was pretty weird.. I won't forget that in a hurry.

So with this new great album out. What do you have planned next for 2017?
– Lots of touring and festivals. And then starting to write the next record!

Word association game ... I say Madonna, you say?
– Not today.


Natalie Rose Findlay, or simply Findlay, is an English musician from Stockport. Findlay took up music in her early teens  when she came to the conclusion that she can't really do anything else. New album Forgotten Pleasures is out now at Spotify and iTunes.


You can follow Findlay at Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

Don't forget to also check out her vids at Youtube and Vimeo as well.

Yes, now.