November 24, 2017 by Daniel John Johnsson

Tobias Bergholm, Marble Mammoth

On their debut EP, alternative rock band Marble Mammoth moves seamlessly between different genres in a dynamic melting pot of energetic, riff based rock and dreamy, melodious psychadelia.

You just had the release party for the EP at Obaren. How was the evening?
- It was amazing! It feels like an eternity since we recorded the EP. We have been heavily in it. Now that's it out and has been properly elebrated it feels very redeeming.

How has it been since you released the first single back in September?
- "Wrecked Ship" was the first we ever released with Marble Mammoth ... so that felt very special and anticipatory. It was fun that it received such good reception! Since then, we have released two more singles, played gigs, planned for this release and at the same time started recording a bunch of new songs.

So it has been both fun and intense.

What are the other four tracks?
– In addition to the other singles we've released, "Glitter Amongst Gravel" and "The Girl of a 1000 Thrills", there's another two tracks on the EP. The somewhat calmer "Our Love" and the slightly longer "The Water". It's an EP with mood swings...

But even though the songs may be of different character, they all burst out of the same musical melting-pot and is united in sound.

What did you want to achieve in terms of sound?
– We wanted it to sound "for real". That's also why we chose to record live and on tape. That and that you is forced to make decisions, tape reel has a certain length, so there's no room for a lot of retakes. When you record digitally, you can sit and kill yourself over the details. Too much options easily becomes a hassle and takes a lot of time.

Did you record this one at Studio Möllan?
– We were there and recorded a few weeks ago, but with new material for our next release. This EP we recorded in a basement on the Roslagsgatan Street, together with Labros Liaraopoulos, who later ran away to Greece to mix it.

What are your musical influences?
- There are many. Our breeding ground is in the 60s and 70s rock, but there's an insane amount of interesting things happening in the genre right now. There's so a lot of great modern psychadelic pop- and rock music to be inspired by!

I've had a difficult time to place you within a specific label ... there's a very dynamix mix of different genres?
- Funny how you think that. You can easily feel confined with a label on you. It imposes restrictions. We want the music to evolve alongside us, and we with the music. We have quite different musical backgrounds, with different genres.

It has probably had a major impact on how our sound has evolved.

How did it come about for you to play together as Marble Mammoth?
– It didn't come about as much as it was something that just grew. Me and Mackan went to a rehearsal of mine with a six-pack of beer, sometime in 2014, and on that road it is. When we came up with the name, we were just two friends who enjoyed jamming together, the namce wasn't so important then. Actually don't remember how we came up with it. It was probably from some sharp drunken talk. But I like the name, I think it reflects how we sound in some way.

We've kinda grown into it and now it feels as obvious as that snow is snow and that my name is Tobias.

What does it look like when you're writing new songs?
- Often I come to premises with an idea. It can be anything from a riff, a melody or a noisy voice-note on the phone. Then we work it out together. When I later are writing the lyrics, the process consists mostly of pure anxiety. I can get inspired by most things. There are a lot of very inspiring things, you just have to pay attention to them.

I probably has to say that "The Girl of 1000 Thrills" is my favorite among the songs. What is it about?
– It's about being in a relationship with someone who got new antidepressants prescribed that doesn't work and just makes it worse.

Do you perhaps have a favorite of your own?
– I really like "The Water" a lot. I would have liked to lift that up as a single release if it wasn't for how it's eight minutes long. It feels very nuanced with different parts that merge together and tells a story.

There was a music video for the first single. How was it to film it?
– It was intense and warm. Not just in terms of weather ... I had about a 40 degree fever when we filmed it. But Milja Rossi who we shot it with is awesome! So overall it was really fun!

Will there be vids for the other songs as well?
- Nothing that's planned. Next video will probably be in connection with the next release. But you never know ... music videos are fun.

How does it look with gigs?
– We're planning for 2018 right now. Guaranteed, there will be gigs. Most gigs are memorable. But in different ways. It can be everything from playing in fully packed venues to in front of just a few plastered people.

What are your visions and dreams beyond this debut-EP that released today?
- We are a new band. All we have is visions and dreams.


Marble Mammoth is an Swedish alternative rock band from Stockholm. Their debut EP Marble Mammoth is out now at Spotify, iTunes and Tidal.


You can follow Marble Mammoth at Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.

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