April 29, 2016 by Daniel John Johnsson

Jack Moy

QANDA met up with lead singer Jack Moy for an conversation about the bands constant lack of clothing, songwriting in general and not least their all new single, "Vacation".

So you've just released this new single, "Vacation". What is the song about?
- The song is essentially about fleeing the country, Bonnie & Clyde style. The original idea actually came from my own desire to escape from all of this concrete and this gray ... thereof the first line, "Got sick of the concrete, so I'm leaving in six weeks from today".

If anyone was to get inspired by the song. What kind of travel advice would you give?
- Pack your bag and go interrailing. The journey is the goal. Convenience is overrated.

Do you have any particular nice memories of summer?
- It's difficult to say something specific. But I love the Swedish weather. Evenings where it suddenly begins to pour when you had planned something big. It always get's so unpretentious when everyone is looking like crap and are soaking wet.

It's summer evenings like that which really sticks with you...

How is your creative process working on a new song like this?
- Writing songs is basically the only thing that I do all day. But, for me, to go "all in" on an idea there has to be some kind of hook, a melody or a text line that really get stuck in the head. One of those that you're humming in the shower!

When the song is finished, it's time for the best part, to find a producer that you think could give the song that little extra. In this case we brought in Faråker, who I think did an outstanding job!

How do you know when a track is completely finished?
- In my case I rarely feel that. It's more like you more accept that it "is what it is" and that you can't keep on working on it forever.

As I've understood it it's mostly you that does the writing. Where do you find inspiration?
- I'm an egomaniac when it comes to stuff like this, and basically only write about my own life and my own shortcomings. While it's incredibly flattering when people recognize themselves in the lyrics, it was never intended as such.

Is it important to be entirely open with yourself?
- I think that's a part of it. I have nothing to hide. If you write music, it is advisable to stick to the truth, this is not theater. Jack Moy is my real name so I can't really hide behind anything.

Would you ever be willing to make a song in Swedish?
- Quite honestly, I can't. And it's totally insane that this is the case. I sing seriously ill in Swedish. My pronunciation and timing is completely off...

It was my father that inspired me to write music, we are both englishmen and speak English, so it's always been natural to write in English.

How has the reception been for this new single so far? I think it's a really great track...
- People, my heart melts for the people! They overwhelm us with so much love that we almost feel ashamed. But I'm not ashamed to say that we have the best and loveliest people that likes us. If you're reading this, thanks to all.

Is this release a start of what's to come. Like an EP or anything like that?
- We haven't really decided on how we should proceed. There certainly are material available for an album, but it's unclear if it will be ready for 2016. But there definitely will be more singles this year.

Do you make a living on making music now?
– One doesn't really live off of music, you survive. In my case I've done this full time for three years now.

How did you find music?
- I think I always wanted to, but never quite dared. I guess I picked up the guitar when I was about 14 or 15, mostly to impress people with "Wonderwall" covers that always ruined all of the parties.

Yes, I was that guy...

Who are your bandmates "Glöden"?
- Sebastian "The Joker" Söderström and Zebastian "The Butcher" Mattsson. But that's really just the name for all of us. We all have this really cheesy "Glöden until death" tattoo.

When did you get together?
- I wish there was a like a "Forrest Gump" element to the story, but unfortunately real life isn't that interesting. We are best buddies, so when I wanted to start a band, Sebbe and Zebbe had no choice.

Jack Moy & Glöden has been a band since 2010 ... so the first steps was really the same as it is for all bands ... to get a following. In our case we got incredible support from our hometown Väsby. Something that we are incredibly thankful for today.

Are you tired of being described as Sweden's answer to The Lumineers and Mumford and Sons?
- It's an easy pitch, but to be honest, there are few similarities. I think it's because we were the first in Sweden with this particular genre.

Over the years you've come to wear more and less clothing. Can fans look forward to a daring "Vacation" video?
- (Laughs) No, I think we're done with the naked thing. Our bodies are parodies of themselves at the moment, so we ought to keep our clothes on from now on!

Was there any thought behind not wearing clothes?
- I think it's always been that way. We have been sitting in recording our music in basements when growing up, and it get's hot and sweaty. That' just kinda transferred over to Jack Moy & Glöden, as well.

For a while you were signed at Universal Music. But not anymore?
- We've gone from indie, to major, and then back to being indie again. And I must say that indie is the easier way for us. No one's gonna make you a star. Hard work and desire is the only way.

We left Universal and now runs our own label, 194entertainment, where the "194" is a tribute to Väsby. That's the postal code.

If anyone want to see you perform live. How does it look with upcoming gigs?
- There will be a summer tour with with fifteen dates, which are set. Unfortunately, we have only announced seven of them. But if you keep your eyes and ears open you won't miss us...

Any gigs abroad?
- Does Norway and Åland count? (laughs)

There has been some whispering about how you are about to put your claws into the US?
- I can say that the ball is rolling. We have signed a publishing deal with a company that exclusively focuses on the larger market. So if lucky you might see us there in a near future.

What do you hope listeners will feel as they listen to "Vacation"?
- They should just let loose. Have a beer, get out in the sun, and feel good together with the people they love!

Any songs that is a must on your own summer playlist?
- Sister Nancy's "Bam Bam", The Specials "A Message To You Rudy" and Vampire Weekends "A Punk". Without these, we might as well cancel the whole summer!


Jack Moy is an Swedish-English singer, musician and songwriter. In 2010 he founded the band Jack Moy & Glöden, together with his pals Sebastian Söder-ström and Zebastian Mattson. New single Vacation is out at iTunes and Spotify.


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